How can I use the angular material Library and matlcon Components to display a list?

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I am designing a web-based application by using angular and I want to display a list of icons from the material design icons Libra. Explain to me how can I execute this feature by using the material Library of Angular and the mat-lcon Components. 

Answered by Charles Parr

 In the context of DevOps, to display a list of material design icons by using the material Library of Angular and the mat-icon list or Components, you can use the following steps:-

Install Angular Material

Ensure that you have installed the angular material in your Angular project. If not, you can install it by using the command line interface of Angular:

“ng add @angular/material” 
Import required Modules
In your Angular module you would need to import the mat-lcon module:-
Import { MatIconModule } from ‘@angular/material/icon’;
  Declarations: [
    // Your components
  Imports: [
    // Other modules
  // Other configurations
Export class AppModule { }
Use mat-lcon Components
Now you would need to use the mat-lcon Components in your HTML file for displaying the material design icons:-
“ favourite”
Create a list of icons
You can use the angular’s ngFor directive for creating the list of icons:-
Export class ExampleComponent {
  Icons = [‘favorite’, ‘home’, ‘star’, ‘account_circle’];
Then after, in your Component’s HTML file:-

  {{ icon }}

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