How can I use specific keywords in Excel for formatting numbers as thousands in Excel?

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 I have been assigned a specific task in which I need to work on a financial report by using Microsoft Excel. In this database, I need to display large numbers in a more readable format. How can I use a specific keyword in Excel for formatting numbers as thousands? 

Answered by Daniel Cameron

 In the context of DevOps, you can achieve the required number in the format of thousands by using a custom format with the “k” keyword. Here are the steps given:-

To format numbers as thousands in Microsoft Excel, you can use the “K” keyword. Follow the steps which are given below:-

Select the range of the cells which contains the numbers which you want to be formatted.

Now press ctrl+1 to open the format cells dialog.

Now the numbers tab would open, in this choose custom from the category list.

In the type box, try to enter the following custom number format '0.0,”k”. This particular format would help you in display the number divided by 1000 and followed by a “k”

For example, consider a scenario where you have the number 1500 and you want to format it as “k”, then the formula would be:-

=TEXT(A1/1000, “0.0””K”””)

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