How can I use “kubectl list pods” to solve the issue of service not responding?

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 I have just deployed a microservice-based application on the platform called Kubernetes cluster, however now I am getting into trouble. The trouble is that one of the services is not responding well according to the need. How can I use the “kubectl list pods” in order to troubleshoot my particular issue? 

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 If you are consistently getting the issue of service not responding in Kubectl list pods then follow the following steps in diagnosis and troubleshooting the problem:-

Identify the pods first by using the command

    “kubectl get pods”

This above command will certainly check the status and health of your pods which are related to the problematic services. This will tell you whether your pods are active and working or not.

Inspection of the pods detail:-

After completing the process of identifying the pods’ health and it ls activeness, you can get more detailed information about a specific pod such as its status, events, and logs. You can do it by using the command:-

    “ kubectl describe pod 

Kubectl logs

Check the connection and connectivity:-

Do not forget to ensure that your service has a secure connection. You can use the “kubectl port-forward” command to make a tunnel from your local machine to the running service.

“ Kubectl port-forward service/ :

Debugging and troubleshooting:-

Under this final step, you use “kubect1” command to get a deeper insight into the casing of the troubles. It will further help you in troubleshooting particular problems.

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