How can I transfer files from a docker container to a hosting machine by using dockerfile?

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 Currently I am working on a particular project in which I need to transfer files from a docker container for the hosting machine by using a docker file. How can I approach this particular task, considering the best practices related to security and ensuring the smooth transfer of files?  

Answered by Charles Parr

In the context of DevOps, you can docker copy files from container to host, by using the implementation of techniques such as volume mounting. Here is the example given:-

Docker File

Firstly, you would need to add a volume instruction for your particular docker file for creating a mount point:-

FROM your_base_image
# Set working directory
# Copy files from the container to the host
COPY . /app
# Create a volume mount point
VOLUME /app/data

Build your image

Now, you can build your image by using the command:

  “docker build -t your_image”

Running the container

  “docker run -v /path/on/host:/app/data_your_image”

This above method or steps would ensure that you can avail of smooth transferring of files. It will allow for secure data movement between the container and the host machine.

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