How can I structure a task for listing all hosts in an inventory in Anible?

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There is a scenario where I am using Ansible for the process of deployment. In this how can I structure a task dynamically for listing all the hosts in a particular group called inventory? What factors can influence my choice of hosts for a specific playbook implementation? 

In the context of DevOps, you can list all hosts dynamically in a specific Ansible inventory group by using the command “ansible” with the '- - list-hosts’ option. Here is the example given:-

  Ansible -I   --list-hosts

You can replace with the actual name of your group.

For example, consider that you have an inventory file like this:-

Server1 ansible_host=
Server2 ansible_host=
Server3 ansible_host=

Now you can list all hosts in the “web servers” group by using:-

Ansible -I inventory.ini web_servers –list-hosts

Thus above command would output a list of hosts within the particular group called inventory.

There are some important factors that can influence host selection in a playbook implementation. It may include the desired functionalities, target environment, and any other conditions that are specified in the playbook tasks or even roles.

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