How can I delete the docker images which are unused and irrelevant?

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 I am a DevOps engineer and currently I am managing a docker infrastructure for a particular company I need to gain more storage capacity for better management so what are the proper practices or steps for deleting unused or outdated docker images properly? 

Answered by bhagwati dubey

It is important in docker to delete images in order to get more extra space and storage. The more you have storage and fewer irrelevant images the more your process will be streamlined. Here are the best practices given in order to delete a docker image:-

Step-1 Choose the images in the list docker that you want to delete by using the command
“ docker images”
The above command will show you the list of images along with their repository names and other details.
Step-2 The second step involves choosing the right images from the list which you want to be deleted
Step-3 Delete the docker image by using the command
“docker rmi”

Always ensure that the image that you want to be deleted should not used by any running containers as it can harm the process. One thing you should remember is that the deleted file is also irreversible. Here is one example given to delete a docker image by using Python and docker library:-

Import docker
# Create a Docker client
Client = docker.from_env()
# Specify the image name and tag
Image_name = “your_image_name”
Image_tag = “your_image_tag”
# Delete the Docker image

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