How can I create a new tag in GitHub?

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 I am a part of a development team working on a project using GitHub. During the process of the release cycle, how can I create a new tag to mark a commit? 

Answered by Ranjana Admin

To perform GitHub create tag for your specific commit, you can use git commands in your terminal. Here are the steps given below:-

Locate the commit

First, locate the commit hash or ID which you want to tag. You can use “git log” to see the previous history of commits.

Create the tag

Now, you can create the tag by using the command

    “ git tag -a v1.0  -m” version 1.0 Release”

You can replace with the real hash of the commit which you want to tag.

Push the tag to GitHub

To make the tag visual on GitHub, you have to push the tag to GitHub. Here is how you can

    “<a href="">git push origi</a>n v1.0”

Replace “v1.0” with the name of the real tag which you have created.

By implementing the above structure and steps you can achieve your target. Additionally in DevOps where automation is a key factor, creating a tag in GitHub for a particular commit can be a crucial part of the release process.

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