Can we specify the same dependency with different versions in Maven ?

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Spring boot gives the ability to quickly develop Spring boot applications. Developer tool provides an added set of instruments which enhance development practice a step further.

“spring-boot-devtools” reliance in the project makes it easier to execute Spring Boot applications during development time. This dependency can be added in any maven project in the same manner as other spring-boot dependency added to provide fresh capabilities. Developer tools come in the state of a library which can be easily plugged into dependency and gets instinctively deactivated when executing bundled(WAR or EAR) applications. This module is not meant for executing in the production environment at all.

Plugin dependency added as:







Note: - Use the latest stable version for best support.

Additional features of using devtools are:

Applications will be restarted automatically whenever changes are made in files in the classpath. Explicit restart is not required to reflect changes made in the code, in return, saves developer’s time as it also reduces the time required for verification.

Module is having an embedded Live Reload server which is used to refresh the browser automatically for any code change.

Auto stop-start and refreshes can also be done when developing remotely. Components are enabled when spring.devtools.remote.secret property is set.

A developer can quickly run the application to see what it takes with default values as spring-boot-devtools by-default deactivates the caching options.

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