What is R programming language and where it is used?

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R programming language was developed in 1993 and is adopted largely in graphical and statistical analysis. It contains a lot of libraries which give an opportunity to perform many algorithms that infers statistics and distribution of data. It is one of the well developed languages mostly used in statistics and machine learning algorithms and is widely applied in industries such as healthcare and academics. It is a very easy to use and free tool which performs hypothesis and is used in analysis.

The below image tells us the various advantages of R in real world applications.

This language was developed by Robert Gentleman in 1993 and R possesses statistical and graphical methods.

As we go with data analysis, R is computationally slow compared to Python as Python is easy to understand language and it has other flexible libraries compared to R which has very limited libraries. R is good for statistics and data visualization but Python holds well in terms of computing function and other complex algorithms.

R is used for applications like academics and research and is considered a great tool for exploratory data analysis.

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