How to combine multiple conditions to subset a data-frame using “OR” ?

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 I have a data.frame in R. I want to try two different conditions on two different columns, but I want these conditions to be inclusive. Therefore, I would like to use "OR" to combine the conditions. I have used the following syntax before with a lot of success when I wanted to use the "AND" condition. <- data[(data$V1 > 2) & (data$V2 < 4>

But I don't know how to use an 'OR' in the above. 

Answered by Joan Gill

To combine r subset multiple conditions to subset a data frame using ‘OR’, use the following: <- subset(data , V1 > 2 | V2 < 4>

You can also use the filter function from the dplyr package as follows:

filter(data, V1 > 2 | V2 < 4>

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