Dplyr: “Error In N(): Function Should Not Be Called Directly”

217    Asked by AndreaBailey in Data Science , Asked on Nov 18, 2022

I am attempting to reproduce one of the examples in the dplyr package but this error message. I am expecting to see a new column n produced with the frequency of each combination. Can someone tell me what I am missing? I triple checked that the package is loaded. Thanks for the help, as always.

# summarise peels off a single layer of grouping
by_vs_am <- group_by(mtcars, vs, am)
by_vs <- summarise(by_vs_am, n = n())
Error in n() : This function should not be called directly
Answered by Amit Sinha

If you are getting the error: this function should not be called directly, I presume you have dplyr and plyr loaded in the same session. dplyr is not plyr. ddply is not a function in the dplyr package.

Both dplyr and plyr have the functions summarise/summarize.
Look at the results of conflicts() to see masked objects.

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