A user has the following dataframe and wants to select only particular labels such as ‘hesc’, or ‘bj fibroblast’.How to do that? Following is the data

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Answered by Deepa bhawana

To select rows which contains ‘hesc’, we can do the following

expr[expr$cell_type == "hesc", ]

To select rows having either ‘hesc’ or ‘bj fibroplast’, we can do the following

expr[expr$cell_type %in% c("hesc", "bj fibroblast"), ]

We can also use subset function to choose the rows as

subset(expr, cell_type == "hesc") subset(expr, cell_type %in% c("bj fibroblast", "hesc"))

We can also use filter function from dplyr library as

filter(expr, cell_type %in% c("bj fibroblast", "hesc"))

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