What should be the approach for me the discover the possible threats associated with the various network topologies?

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 I am a cybersecurity Analyst for a large telecommunication-based company and I have been asked for w task which is related to assessing the security risks associated with the security risks with various and different network topologies. Discuss for me the approach for this particular task. 

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In the context of Cs, here are the assessments given:-

Classifying internet topologies for cybersecurity risk assessment

Importance of classification

Internet topologies play a significant role in determining the architecture of the network, connection, and possible vulnerabilities. If you are classifying the network topologies then it means that it would help cybersecurity Analysts better understand the network layout and identify potential threats and attacks.

Key criteria for the classification

Physically layout

Examples of physical layouts are Star, ring, bus, mesh, etc.Scale and complexity

You should consider the scale and complexity of the network whether it is a wide area network or a local area network.

Connectivity and redundancy

You should assess the level of connectivity and redundancy within the topologies. It would also include the presence of multiple paths.

Centralized or decentralized

Try to determine whether the topology you are using is centralized or decentralized.

Security control

Try to evaluate the presence of security controls such as firewalls, detection of intrusion, protocol related to encryption, and Access control.

Here is a Python code given which would show you a simple network scanner by using the scapy library:-

From scapy.all import *
Def scan_network(ip_range):
    Print(f”Scanning network {ip_range}…”)
    Ans, _ = srp(Ether(dst=”ff:ff:ff:ff:ff:ff”)/ARP(pdst=ip_range), timeout=2, verbose=False)
    For sent, received in ans:
        Print(f”Host {received.psrc} is online.”)
If __name__ == “__main__”:
    Ip_range = “”

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