What is the meaning of race condition in computer science?

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I was developing a multithread application by using Java programming when I suspected that there may be a race condition that could lead to the unexpected behavior of the application. In what situation a race condition may occur during developing the application and explain the appropriate approach to solve this particular issue? 

Answered by Unnati gautam

 In the context of developing a multi-thread Java application, the two threads concurrently access due to modifying a shared variable without proper process. For example, Thread A reads the variable and thereafter Thread B tries to change or modify it. Thereafter Thread A on the basis of its previous value modifies it again. This improper execution of the thread can lead you to unwanted results due to the race condition.

To resolve this particular issue related to race condition you can use either ‘synchronized’ blocks or a ‘Lock’ interface. Both approaches will ensure proper synchronization. Proper synchronization generally helps in preventing conflict modification and can lead you to consistent behavior of the application. Moreover, the ‘volatile’ keyword can further lessen or even mitigate the race condition.

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