What is a torrent port?

534    Asked by Ankesh Kumar in Cyber Security , Asked on Sep 26, 2022

I want to block torrent traffic on my network because it is utilizing too much bandwidth and disrupting my network traffic. What port range should I use and what protocol TCP or UDP?

Answered by Ankit Chauhan

A torrent port can use both TCP and UDP ports. Bad news : you probably don't know torrent proxies that run on port 80 ? They allow users to redirect their torrent traffic to the regular port 80, so you won't be able to do anything with ports. Alternative : you could search for a list of popular torrent trackers and ban their IP (e.g. the most famous French tracker is tracker.t411.me : block it and the problem is solved. Users still can use proxies and VPN, but most of them will be discouraged). Search for torrent proxies too.

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