Is SSL secure to use?

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If I got an SSL certificate for my website and use an SSL secured connection (HTTPS), is this safe enough to send my login and password data or should I add some encryption or hashing?

And how safe is SSL against Man In The Middle attacks? Can they grab or even modify the data sent and received over HTTPS?

And what about GET and POST, are both of them encrypted or is just the answer of the server encrypted or even nothing?

I read Wikipedia and a lot of Google results about SSL and HTTPS but I don't really get it. I really hope that you are able to answer my questions in a simple way so I can finally understand how safe SSL and HTTPS really are.

Principle of HTTPS operation

HTTP protocol is built on top of TCP. TCP guarantees that the data will be delivered, or it is impossible to deliver (target not reachable, etc.). You open a TCP connection and send HTTP messages through it. But TCP does not guarantee any level of security. Therefore an intermediate layer named SSL is put between TCP and HTTP and you get the so-called HTTPS. This way of working is called tunnelling – you dump data into one end of (SSL) tunnel and collect it at the other one. SSL gets HTTP messages, encrypts them, sends them over TCP and decrypts them again at the other end. Encryption protects you from eavesdropping and transparent MITM attacks (altering the messages).

But SSL does not only provide encryption, it also provides authentication. Server must have a certificate signed by a well known certification authority (CA) that proves its identity. Without authentication, encryption is useless as MITM attack is still possible. The attacker could trick you into thinking that he is the server you want to connect to. Private chat with the devil is not what you want, you want to verify that the server you are connecting to really is the one you want to connect to. Authentication protects you from MITM.

Weak points So where are the weak points? Endpoints of secure connection. The transfer could be secure, but what about the server itself? Or the client? They may not. Not using HTTPS. Users can be tricked into not using the scheme in various ways. Untrustworthy CAs. They break the authentication part, allowing for an MITM attack. Weak encryption mechanism. Crypto technologies age in two ways: Serious flaws might be found in their design, leading to attacks much more efficient than brute force, or their parameters and processing power increase due to Moore's law might allow for a feasible brute-force attack. Implementation of the scheme. Well, if you specify A and implement B, properties of A may not hold for B. Direct answers to - Is SSL secure to use are - You seem to say that you secured the transfer (using SSL). This is not enough, the security of your server can be compromised – you should not store passwords there in plain text, use their hashed form, with salt added, … SSL encrypts data both when sending and receiving. MITM attacks are possible virtually only when the attacker has a certificate signed by an authority the client trusts. Unless the client is tricked into not using HTTPS, nobody can read nor modify the messages being sent. GET and POST are just two methods of making HTTP requests. There are several others, too. Method is just a property of HTTP requests. All messages are secured, both requests and responses, regardless of HTTP method being used.

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