Is filezilla safe to use?

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Recently, an increasing number of people have started advising moving away from FileZilla. However, the only reason I can see for this is that FileZilla stores the connection information in a completely unencrypted form, but as Mozilla says - surely it is the job of the operating system to protect the configuration files?

So, is there any other reason why I should no longer use FileZilla, as I've never had any problems with it? Somebody mentioned to me that the way it works isn't secure either, but I think they were just getting confused over the fact FTP transmits passwords in plain text anyway.

Answered by Anil Mer

Your question - Is filezilla safe can be answered as - FileZilla does come with malware now and the developers are aware and probably getting money from it. Search for FileZilla Premieropinion in Google or read any of the MANY threads on Filezilla's forum: The developer keeps saying that you have the option to opt-out but the installer is CLEARLY designed to misguide people. I work in the tech industry (so I am generally aware of security concerns) and I got fooled, like countless others. It was also my first experience of malware with Macs. I will never use FileZilla again. Even if you can "opt-out" this is clearly designed to fool the users and worst of all the developer is just copy pasting a dishonest reply on FileZilla's forums. So even if the software might still work, I will never accept the attitude of the developer. The issue is not trying to monetize your work. The issue is trying to fool your users.

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