How can I use a cookie injector?

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 I'm trying to copy session cookies (collected using Wireshark) into different Firefox sessions. But can't seem to find a method or working add-on to manage the cookies.

Greasemonkey and tampermonkey's "cookie injector" user scripts don't seem to work. Many other FF add-on's either require JSON format, Netscape format (output formats Wireshark doesn't support) or the cookie add-ons don't feature the ability to import cookies at all.

Is it currently possible to import cookies (collected using Wireshark) using Firefox?

Answered by ananya Pawar

Regarding the cookie injector - You can directly set the cookies with the [removed]s="..." command in your browser console.

Cookie Name | Value

acct         |  t=7c6483ddcd99eb112c060ecbe0543e86&s=080f651e3fcca17df3a47c2cecfcb880
To set it, you can use the [removed]s="{COOKIE_NAME}={VALUE}" command. You need to repeat this command for any cookie you want to set.
I just need to refresh the page, and the cookie will authenticate me.
I am logged in
Here, the Storage tab shows the cookies that have been set.

Note that other security controls may be put in place to prevent cookie theft, like checking other information associated with the user. (Browser, IP, etc.) It is the case here, I couldn't do much before being deauthenticated.

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