How Can I Prevent Browser Hijackers Like The One Caused By Cpmofferconvert?

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 I am using Chrome and experiencing serious hijackers problems.

After loading a website, the hijackers add a full-screen transparent trap.

When I clicked on it, it pops a new tab containing one of the following URLs:

Sometimes, the hijackers add hyperlinks to words like this:


And the most annoying thing is that the hijackers hijack Google Search result page' s search bar.

The code is here:

What I did was just surfing the Net and testing softwares with Shadow Defender. How hijackers can possibly infect my computer which is in shadow mode. What can I do to avoid being hijacked after I restore my computer which has a clean state?

Answered by Andrea Bailey
  There are several ways to protect against browser hijacking Like The One Caused By Cpmofferconvert, including:

Stay current on operating system (OS) and browser patches. The latest security features can help prevent hijacking attacks, as hijackers typically exploit known vulnerabilities in the OS and browser. Running a software update can help shut down these points of entry.

Avoid clicking on suspicious links. Users should never click on email links, messages or pop-up boxes that come from unknown senders. They could initiate the download of browser hijackers.

Be careful about downloading software. Some browser hijacking software is bundled with legitimate software, so users should read all terms and conditions and end-user licensing agreements before downloading any software.

Use antivirus software. Installing good antivirus software and keeping it updated with the latest patches helps defend against browser hijacking. Some antivirus software offer protection in real time, warning the user if downloaded software tries to change browser settings. Some antivirus software enables the user to stop those changes from being made.

Avoid running freeware programs that may unpack software on installation. Check the download settings of software before installing.

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