How can I perform the TCP- Or UDP- based port scan?

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 Is this normal or is someone trying to hack/attack me? How can I stop this? My router is a Cg3000v2 netgear provided to me by Optus.

[TCP- or UDP-based Port Scan]411
Wed Aug 26 00:28:08 2015
[IP Fragmented Packet]
Wed Aug 26 00:32:18 2015
[TCP- or UDP-based Port Scan]
Wed Aug 26 18:54:10 2015
Answered by Anisha Dalal

[IP Fragmented Packet] IP fragmentation attacks are rather old fashioned ones. Your logs show that an attacker has been attempting a denial-of-service (DoS) attack. Note that CheckPoint Firewall-1 was vulnerable to such attacks in its previous versions.

[TCP- or UDP-based Port Scan] That is port scanning. In stealth mode, an attacker can scan the ports over a long period, which reduces the chance that the firewall will trigger an alert for you. Use Nmap, to see what an attacker would see in a port scan of your router. You need to follow the approach of layered security, no solution is magic by itself, but an intelligent combination of different solutions will protect you better. Is this normal ? As you may guess, that is not normal. or is someone trying to hack/attack me? You have been attacked, for sure. Whether you have been hacked or not, we can not know given the information you provided.

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