How can I have the QTP framework from scratch?

30    Asked by Amitraj in Cyber Security , Asked on Apr 22, 2022

So it’s been 5 years since I have been working on manual testing and from 6 months back I was working on QTP 10.0 version at home. I understood some basic things and can write basic QTP scripts for web based applications

I have written some scripts for my web based application, but I honestly have no idea how to start the framework design in QTP.

My goal is to learn the building QTP framework from the scratch, would be nice if an automation test engineer can respond, how can to start designing QTP hybrid framework from the scratch.

Answered by Amit raj

QTP Automation has a list of QTP Framework available, but before using any of them you need to check for your project specific needs. Below some types of Automation Frameworks listed:

Data driven framework
Keyword driven framework
Test Library Framework
Hybrid Framework
BPT framework

Some more are there so you need to check the need of your project and implement any one approach to make your test more easy and smooth. For example : I have a requirement of testing the same set of test cases with lakhs of different sets of data, in that case I'll be using data driven. Hope it helps you!

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