What are the different types of Agile Methodologies?

Answered by Endo Kobayashi

Scrum is one of the foremost well known and broadly utilized Agile methods.

Other types of Agile Methods’ include,

  1. Kanban
  2. Crystal Methodology
  3. Adaptive Software Development (ASD)
  4. DSDM(Dynamic Software Development Method)
  5. Feature-driven development(FDD)
  6. Lean software development
  7. Extreme Programming(XP)Explaining the concepts in detail,

Scrum: Scrum is a lightweight process system for agile improvement, and the foremost widely-used one. Scrum is most regularly utilized to oversee the complex program and item improvement utilizing iterative and incremental practices.

Kanban: Kanban is a Workflow management method that is outlined to assist you to imagine your work, maximize effectiveness and be agile.

It basically follows three basic principles,

  1. To visualize what you do today
  2. Constrain the sum of work in advance. I.e. limiting the WIP
  3. To Enhance flow

Adaptive Software Development (ASD): Adaptive software development(ASD) is a plan rule for the creation of software systems. The rule centers on the fast creation and advancement of software systems.

ASD is made of three steps,

  1. Speculate: It deals with Initiation and Planning
  2. Collaborate: It is supportive in concurrent include improvement
  3. Learn: It is steady in concurrent incorporate change

DSDM (Dynamic Software Development Method): Dynamic Systems Development Method is an organized strategy that basically centers on conveying commerce arrangements rapidly and proficiently. It is best utilized when the time necessity is settled.

Feature-driven development (FDD): Feature-driven design is an iterative and incremental software development process that takes after the standards of the agile manifesto. It is utilized to create high-level highlights, scope, and domain objects and utilize that to arrange, plan, create and test the particular prerequisites and assignments based on the overarching feature that they belong to.

Lean software development: Lean Software Development is an Agile framework which is utilized to optimize improvement time and assets, eliminating waste, and eventually conveying as it were what the item needs. This approach is frequently alluded to as the Least Reasonable Item (MVP) methodology, in which a group discharges a bare-minimum form of its item to the advertise and takes the input from clients and after that emphasizes based on this input received.

Extreme Programming (XP): Extreme Programming an agile software development framework that's outlined to progress the quality of the program.

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