Scalar functions in SQL?

Answered by Kaushik Chandra

Scalar functions return a single value by processing a single value in SQL. A few of the SQL scalar functions are,

UCASE() – Utilized to change over a string to uppercase

LCASE() – Utilized to change over a string to lowercase

ROUND() – Utilized to circular a number to the decimal places specified

NOW() – Utilized to get current framework date and time

LEN() – Utilized to discover the length of a string

SUBSTRING() or MID() – MID and SUBSTRING are equivalent words in SQL. They are utilized to extricate a substring from a string by indicating the beginning and conclusion list.

Syntax is SUBSTRING(ColumnName,startIndex,EndIndex).

LOCATE() – Utilized to discover the record of the character in a string.

syntax is LOCATE(character,ColumnName)

LTRIM() – Utilized to trim spaces from left

RTRIM() – Utilized to trim spaces from right

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