Pros and Cons of Visio tool?

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Answered by Ranjana Agrahari

 Listed below Pros and Cons of Visio tool,


Tool gives diagrammatic capability to get ready different business designing and Database Design easily.

Tool helps in preparation of BPMN Models, Maps, and Graphs. Also, Flow Charts, Brainstorming ideas, etc.

Tool permits you to capture the incoming data which is important for your business.

Tool supports making assortments of diagramming shapes.

It offers programmed upgrades and different installations.


Ribbon interface isn't as intuitively and stows away a few features.

It doesn't have features, like invert building for database models.

It's troublesome to utilize console alternate routes, including associations, duplicate and glue, etc.

Downloading and installation of the toll isn't exceptionally smooth.

Tool is costly when compared to other similar applications.

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