How to integrate JIRA with salesforce using OAuth 2.0 [closed]

 I am banging my head against the wall from the last couple of weeks to just set up the authentication between JIRA cloud and salesforce, I didn't get any proper documentation to create a connected application in Jira to generate client Id and secret so that I can set up an auth provider in salesforce to use it with the named credentials, if I am not following the right path, please feel free to correct me. In one of my unsuccessful attempts, I tried to generate OAuth credentials (currently in beta in Jira) and used the same in AUTH provider in salesforce but still, when I save named credentials I get identity provider error and also I am not sure on what exactly I need to pass for Authorization Endpoint URL and Token End Point URL I would highly appreciate if someone would help me to generate client id secret from JIRA other then generating the same by clicking on generate OAuth credentials button on Jira as this has limited access and also I would be very grateful if someone also helps me with Authorization Endpoint URL and Token End Point URL

here is my Auth provider

Auth provider

Named Credentials:

enter image description here

And when I save the named credentials I get below error

enter image description here

I have generated client id secret by clicking on OAuth credentials beta and this doesn't seem the right way to generate client id and secret as it is in beta and provides only limited access.

JIRA Documentation is not at all helpful.

enter image description here

If I generate my client id and secret from the below link

then I get a different error as shown below.

enter image description here

Answered by Guy Rodd

I was able to authenticate my OAuth 2.0 with the following configuration.

For the Auth. provider my Endpoint URL was:

My token endpoint was

My default scopes were:

read:jira-work manage:jira-project manage:jira-configuration read:jira-user write:jira-work manage:jira-data-provide offline_access

I used the jira salesforce integration provider in my Named credential and made sure to keep Scope empty so it would use the default scope in the Auth Provider.

Turning off "Generate Authorization Header" helped for my API calls to not return 401 during my tests.

Unfortunately I still don't see the issues on my Jira when I do API calls but I hope this helps you get closer to solving your problem.

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