Different types of Database locks?

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Answered by Kaushik Chandra

The different types of locks within the database are,

· Shared locks – Permits information to be read-only (Select operations), anticipates the information to be upgraded when in the shared lock.

· Update locks – Connected to assets that can be overhauled. There can be as it were one overhaul lock on a piece of information at a time.

· Exclusive locks – Utilized to bolt information being modified (INSERT, Overhaul, or Erase) by one exchange in this way guaranteeing that numerous upgrades cannot be made to the same asset at the same time.

· Intent locks – A notice component utilizing which an exchange passes on that serious to obtain a lock on data.

· Schema locks- Utilized for operations when construction or structure of the database is required to be updated.

· Bulk Update locks – Utilized in case of bulk operations when the TABLOCK implies is utilized.

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