What is the basic difference between elastic beanstalk vs EC2?

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 I am engaged in a particular task which is related to deploying a new web-based application to AWS. However, I am confused between using Elastic Beanstalk and EC2 for the task of deployment. How can I choose between the two? 

Answered by Amit Sinha

 In the context of AWS, here are the differences given between elastic beanstalk vs EC2:-

Elastic Beanstalk

In it, you can enjoy rapid deployment of web-based applications even without managing infrastructure.

It is ideal for project which requires scalability and ease of management.

It is also suited for applications that support programming languages and even frameworks.

It is a Fully managed service that can automatically handle provisioning, scaling, and deployment.

It also supports multiple programming languages and frameworks.

It offers built-in monitoring, logging, and auto-scaling capabilities.

EC2 (elastic compute cloud)

It can provide you with help in controlling the underlying infrastructure and even software stack.

It is suitable for applications that have specific customization requirements or even legacy dependencies.

It is suitable for applications where fine-grained control is needed and resource allocation is necessary.

It offers installation of custom software, operating systems, and even Configurations.

It requires manual setup and management of infrastructure which can include monitoring and scaling.

You can choose between two according to your requirements. If you need requirements such as customizations and legacy dependencies, then you can try Elastic Compute Cloud whereas if you need support from various programming languages, then you can try Elastic Beanstalk. In brief choosing between two relies upon your requirements and needs.

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