What is the AWS-terraform VPC difference between aws_route and aws_route_table?

364    Asked by ElayneBalding in AWS , Asked on Sep 12, 2023

 I need help understanding the difference between aws_route and aws_route_table. 

When I use the following code and create a route and route table with the public_1 resource, I associate the public_1 route table subnet, test_pub. 

I need help understanding the function of the block route public_1. Here is the code to explain the issue: 

I have another question as well. I am trying to understand if the two examples are the same. The difference is that the first example has a route block equivalent to the resource aws_route of the second example. But the required variables are the same; only the name is different. 

Answered by Diana Campbell

There are two ways of getting the same thing. But remember that you cannot use both methods while working on the same table. It means if you form aws_route_table, you cannot use the route created with aws_route.

The route block in aws_route_table creates routes inside the routing table without requiring any separate route by using aws_route.

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