How to start with IAM?

933    Asked by alexGONZALEZ in AWS , Asked on Nov 5, 2019
Answered by Ankur vaish

Before starting with I AM one should full fill below prerequisites -

Have an AWS account.

Access to root account

Setting up IAM for the first time.

IAM can only be used from root account, hence login your root account with credentials and then setup MFA (Multi factor authentication) for added security.

After setting the above things IAM account should be used to access aws service.

First create a group e.g. Administrators

Then assign a policy to this group, policies defines what level of access is assigned to respective group, for above we’ll assign “Administrative access”

Then hit next, and add a user or create one. After hitting “Finish” the user is creating who’s having “admin access” of the entire account.

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