How to install Salesforce Connected Apps

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In one sandbox I am working in, the managed package "Salesforce Connected Apps" is installed. I don't know how this was installed and the modification by the user is "Automated Process". Also, I am not using any connected apps in this org.

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I need to get a managed package installed in another sandbox org to complete a deployment; however, I don't know how or where to go to install this. It doesn't appear to be listed on the AppExchange nor can I find an install link. Does anyone know how I can install this managed package?

Answered by Anisha Dalal

Salesforce apps are now implemented as connected apps and automatically installed in your organization. Salesforce apps built as connected apps have been placed into two managed packages – one for Chatter apps and one for non-Chatter apps. To simplify administration, each package is asynchronously installed in your organization the first time any user in the organization performs either of the following actions for any one of the Salesforce apps in the package:

A user accesses the connected app’s Oauth approval page.

The connected app performs a refresh token flow for the app.

The packages are scheduled to be available for installation starting Friday, September 20, 2013.

The packages can be installed at different times, depending upon when their apps are accessed. This means that many administrators will see Salesforce connected apps (for example, Salesforce for Outlook), and the packages that contain these apps, installed in their organizations with no action on their part because they were installed automatically. So as it is said in bullets if you try to access any of the apps for the first time which is the part of this package you will see the package installed in your org if it is not installed in your org.

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