How to download sql server 2016 developer edition?

552    Asked by AmitSinha in AWS , Asked on Oct 4, 2022

I'm trying to get SQL Server 2016 Developer Edition but when I access the Microsoft Dev Essentials page I only can see Express Edition versions. 

And when I visit SQL Server Download page I only can download 2019 version I would like to get previous versions of SQL Server 2019 Developer Edition.

Answered by Alison Kelly

To download sql server 2016 developer edition - Old versions are not included in the Downloads for Visual Studio Dev Essentials. You need Visual Studio Professional, or one of the other paid subscriptions to access the back catalogue of software. The complete list of available downloads by subscription type is here.

It is a free licence, if you have access to the media. The SQL Server 2016 Evaluation Edition installer is still available for download here, and you can select Developer edition during the install.

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