How can I troubleshoot the issue of “ unable to locate credentials? You can configure credentials by running “AWS configure”?

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 I have been assigned a particular task that is related to developing a Python-based script for the task of interaction with the service AWS by using the AWS SDK. However, while going through the process, I encountered a scenario where an error message occurred which was showing that “unable to locate credentials. You can configure Credentials by running AWS configure”. Now, how can I troubleshoot this particular issue? 

Answered by Chris Dyer

In the context of AWS, if you are getting the issue message of “ unable to locate credentials. You can configure credentials by running “AWS configure” then you would need to ensure that the AWS credentials are properly configured or not. Here are the steps given by which you can troubleshoot and resolve this particular issue:-

Checking AWS credentials

Try to verify that your particular AWS credentials are correctly set up. This includes the access keys ID and even secret access keys.

AWS configuration files

Try to ensure that the AWS credentials are stored in the appropriate file of Configuration or not.

Environment variables

Try to check if there are any AWS credentials-related environments like AWS ACCESS KEY ID and AWS SECRET ACCESS KEY. Try to ensure that these should be properly configured.

IAM roles

Try to ensure that the correct IAM role with the required permissions is attached, if you are going through with the process on EC2 or even within another AWS Service.

AWS CLI Configuration

Try to ensure that the same credentials should be accessible to your particular script of Python if you can configure credentials by using “aws configure”.

Here is the basic example given by which you can configure AWS credentials properly in Python programming language by using the library of Boto3:-

Import boto3

# Explicitly pass credentials
S3 = boto3.client(

# Use the client to perform AWS operations

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