How can I adjust the lambda timeout?

100    Asked by Chandralekhadebbie in AWS , Asked on Jan 30, 2024

When I was trying to implement a long-running operation by using the technique of Lambda function in AWS, I noticed that the implementation time was out. How can I adjust the lambda max timeout so that I can enjoy the operation successfully? 

Answered by Chloe Burgess

 In the context of AWS, you can adjust lambda max timeout in AWS by using the several points which are given below:-

First, try to navigate to the AWS Lambda Console.

Try to locate your specific function and then click on it.

Find the setting related to timeout in the tab of Configuration.

Now you can increase the value of timeout according to your needs and requirements.

Here is the example given in the AWS Command line interface:-

Aws lambda update-function-configuration –function-name YourFunctionName –timeout 300

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