How does an image identified by Wolfram work?

Wolfram Language Image Identification Project launched an Image Identify site demo which returns the top predicted tags for the photos.

How does it work, briefly? I mean what type of learning vision technologies are used to analyse, recognize and understand the content of an image?

Answered by Anil Jha

The Image Identify by Wolfram project uses the highly automated "superfunctions" and as part of Wolfram Language API integration. It relies on a complex collection of meta-algorithms and built-in 'knowledge'. It has a built-in classifier trained from a large dataset using Wolfram Data Framework (WDF). However the main classifier is based on the deep neural networks. Source: How the Wolfram Language Image Identification Project Works The algorithm isn't perfect and misidentification is more likely to be caused by 'irrelevant objects repeatedly being in training images for a particular type of object'. You can read more at Wolfram Language Artificial Intelligence: The Image Identification Project.

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