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How to Answer “Why Should We Hire You for Internship?”


Do you know that an internship experience has a 4.6 influence rating on an employer’s hiring decisions? Having an internship increases your chances of getting hired by top-notch companies and increases job offers by 16%. Have you ever wondered why companies stress internships? The simple reason is that internships expose your eligibility and credibility. Internships are a crucial part of the career of any student and pave the way for a rewarding career. They bridge the gap between a student and an employee. 

Do you know the reason why interviewers ask this question? For freshers, this could be a tough one to answer. There is no magic wand to guarantee success. The only way to ace an interview is to give unique answers to impress your interviewer. One should always include his personal experience with related skill sets. A professional certification can add value to your resume. Get a credible professional certification course and training program to enhance your skills for your dream job.

Let’s strap in to get the best answers!

What is an Internship?

Internships are small investments for a secured future. An internship is a short-term professional work experience offered by companies for people-usually students, to get entry-level exposure in a particular field or industry. It is much of a learning experience where interns spend time working on real-time projects, learning about the industry, and developing skills. Usually, internships are stipend-based work where companies hire people so that they gain theoretical as well as practical knowledge simultaneously.

Increase your chances of getting hired by knowing the top professional skills in 2022 that companies are looking for. 

How Does An Internship Shape Your Career?

Now that you have a clear idea of what an internship is, let’s check out a more vital question on how an internship can modify your career. An internship can bring you a step closer to your dream job. See the infographic below to know-

 How Does An Internship Shape Your Career?

i) Exposes you to real-life experiences- Give a sneak peek into whichever industry you want to work through an internship. Through an internship, you get hands-on experience of how things work in a real office environment. Also, you will get an idea of which job role to choose when you get employed full-time.

ii) Helps to learn time management- As an employee, you have to shuffle a myriad of tasks simultaneously. Getting an internship will teach you how to manage a host of tasks in a fast-paced working environment and bear fruitful results for your organization.

iii) Enhances networking- Gain industry exposure through attending meetings and events during an internship. Make acquaintances with industry leaders and make new connections. It might be that you get to know your future employer in one such meeting.

iv) Add value to your resume- Professional certifications look great on a resume. But an internship does it even better. What sets you apart from others, is a credible internship that shows that you have potential work experience in a relevant field which enhances your chances of getting hired x 10times.

Highlighting your work experience or internship with maximum bullet points on your resume. Here are some valuable tips on adding certifications to your resume to make a difference. 

v) Acts as a pillar for your career- Internships can function as a stepping stone for the domain you want to step in. You can become the ‘Jack of all trades’ by getting an opportunity to work for your dream company.  

5 Best Answers for “Why Should You Be Hired for This Internship?”

The first impression is all that matters. While an internship is an excellent option, getting through it is quite challenging. You need to give cut-throat competition to stand out from others in the market. The most tricky part is to answer “Why should you be hired for this role internship?”

Although there are many possible ways to answer this tricky question, you get only one chance to crack it. So, make sure you nail it in one go!

Before enumerating some of the best possible answers, make sure that you incorporate something unique in your answer. To help you with this, we have chosen the best answers along with the career to the question- “Why should you be hired for this internship?”

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Digital Marketing

Answer 1- “ Firstly I would like to thank you for this question. I’m a digital marketing enthusiast and I wish to possess this job role of my characteristic capabilities and abilities. I think I will be a good fit for this job role as I have experienced and developed skill sets in the field of Digital Marketing. I have a sound knowledge of SEO, SMO and have also tested my hands in Content Writing. I have researched your company- its goals and achievements and I think I can deliver everything that you are looking for in a potential candidate”.

Tips- Begin by thanking the interviewer and elaborate on your skill sets in the relevant field. Always show your willingness to know more about the company and nurture your skills. Make sure that you are willing to shape yourself according to the company’s values and ethics.

Get ready for the industry with our comprehensive Digital Marketing Certification Course which gives you practical exposure around the concepts of SEO. 


Answer 2- “Being a Computer Engineer, I have the ability to adapt to new technologies. I have flexible workability which helps me to work with any kind of technology. I have a full-depth knowledge of Programming languages like Java, Python, C, C++ and JavaScript and have practical knowledge by working on various Computer Science projects like Library Management system, Face Detection system and many more. I want a platform to demonstrate my knowledge and skills and working in your company will allow me to expose my technical skills. I want to learn, develop and acquire skills that can shape me as a valuable professional in this area."

Emphasize mastery of high-level concepts and design decisions related to programming languages at an accelerated pace with our Programming Courses online.

Tips- With this answer, you put forward that you are willing to identify your key strengths and weaknesses while working with this company. You wish to learn and nourish your skills and grow as a professional by working as an intern. Enhance your coding skills and learn about the best programming languages to learn in 2022 from this blog.

Business Analytics

Answer 3- “ I think I’m the best candidate for this internship since I’m an excellent multi-tasker. With an excellent knowledge of business processes and data visualization, I have learned how to manage time effectively. I am also a quick learner with the ability to take up new responsibilities. Finally, I can say confidently that no matter what task is being given, I always deliver it on time without any compromise on the quality of my work.”

Hone your practical skills around the latest Business Analyst tools & techniques with our Business Analyst Certification Course and Training Program.

Tips- Time management is a valuable skill since interns have to manage multiple tasks single-handedly. Hence, companies are looking for candidates with the ability to handle numerous tasks simultaneously and when you put up this quality of yours, you become a memorable candidate in front of the interviewer.

Do you wish to unleash your potential in analytical problem solving and building deep business acumen? Here is the blog on Business analyst skills, market demand and salary trends in 2022.

Human Resource

Answer 4- “My career goals perfectly align with your company and my resume says so. I have all the skills and qualifications needed for an HR professional and being hired, I promise to deliver quality work all throughout my tenure. I possess excellent communication skills, strong administration skills and the willingness to learn more. I’m familiar with business software like Microsoft Office and most importantly, I’m a dedicated worker.”

Tips- Showcase your qualities as a leader and promise to deliver quality work focusing on key strengths. Ask for a chance to expose your qualities confidently. Drift your focus in finding appropriate reasons as to why you should be hired for this internship.

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Data Management

Answer 5- “ I can confidently say that I’m the one you are looking for. After looking at my resume, you can understand my expertise, passion and interest.  I am a B.Tech in I.T and have experience of working on the SQL server and how it is applied for managing and storing data in my previous work area. I have also broadened my knowledge in Data Management through an online professional training program that makes me a step closer to my dream job.”

Brace your interview with these Top SQL Server interview questions and answers

Tips- A credible professional certification course can add value to your resume and make you stand out from others. Companies are looking for certified professionals and having one can increase your chances of getting hired. 

Boost your career with our online Data Management courses. Master the database fundamentals and gain industry knowledge to handle databases. 

Effective Preparation Tips for Your Answer

Now that we have discussed “ why should you be hired for this internship” answers, it’s time to know how you should address this question. This is one of the most frequently asked questions by interviewers to exhibit the attitude, research, and skill of a candidate. It also shows how well you know the values of the company and how effective you will prove in the long-term for the company. These helpful tips will make you better than the others-

i) Confidence- Confidence is good, but overconfidence can ruin it all.  Your confidence should be reflected in your answer. Carry a positive tone in your answer and believe what you say. Your recruiters must be convinced by the way you present yourself in front of them. 

The moment you put yourselves into a comfort zone, you start losing out on your leadership skills. Here are the 4 simple ways to improve your leadership skills before getting employed.

ii) Experience-  Add work experience in your relevant field to get better noticed by interviewers. If you lack work experience, include educational merit and active participation in extracurricular activities. Why should you be hired for this internship answer highlights this point as a significant factor to attain your desired job role.

iii) Research- Do thorough research about the company you are interviewing for. Know its mission, practices, beliefs and work culture to get an insight into the company details. Add these details in your answer to impress the interviewers that you know well about their company.

iv) Skills- Include your technical and soft skills in your answer to reflect that you possess leadership qualities and are an asset to your company. Your skills will help you in gaining additional impressions before your interviewer.

Here in this article will help know top 10 career advice that you should go through as a fresher or a professional.


These are some of the best possible ways to prepare for “why should you be hired for this internship?” Although it might seem to be a simple and straightforward question, this question can be the deciding factor whether you are getting this job role or not. Many students have stumbled or failed to answer this question. The key to success is to know what to add and when to add in order to create a lasting impression on the interviewers. Getting a professional online certification course and training program can bring about a difference and distinguish you from others.

We hope this article was helpful enough to bag your dream job internship!


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Q8. How is online training better than offline curses?
Ans- Learning online now is as effective as offline training, especially with JanBask Training.

When you learn with us virtually for any course of your choice, you get a complete experience that is a replica of an offline classroom.

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Q10. How can I enhance my professional self through these courses?

Ans- At JanBask Training, we don’t just prepare you for any certification exam, we prepare you for a satisfying & growing profession.

We aim to make you a substantial resource to any company or industry - by preaching you about the skills, based on real-time industry projects and scenarios. We don’t feed you with bookish knowledge, we feed you the resources that are practically important to pursue skills inside a profession.


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