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Tips to Get Promotion in Your Current Job

Job satisfaction has been the center of attention for most of the economists and scholars in the recent years. One of the considerable factors that contribute to the job satisfaction cliché can be attributed to the working environment. The second major factor that influences the level of job satisfaction in an employee is the promotion and the pay raise that they receive during the tenure of their service. More satisfied an employee is, the less likely it is for him or her to leave their company.  Promotions and pay raises definitely play a vital role in an employee's career and life, especially towards their labor mobility aspect.

But, has it ever occurred to you that you are not being rewarded in the right way for your performance or the amount of effort that you are putting in to achieve your goals are left unseen? There might be times when you would have put in your heart and soul to the work that has been assigned to you, but someone less capable than you, walks away with a promotion or pay raise.

So we will take you through the following clandestine methods, which if followed with obedience will guarantee you a pay raise or promotion at your workplace:

  • Wearing a face of positivity

Positivity has always been on the brighter side of life. Moreover, a positive attitude is something that goes way beyond surface cheer display.

There are various studies that have shown astounding effects of positivity on your life, such as allowing you to see life at its fullest with a broader perspective, filling up your energy with hopes and unlimited possibilities, etc. However, maintaining a level of positivity at the workplace is definitely harder than how you think it actually is.

A workplace in general, harbors a lot of stress, challenges that keep changing on a daily basis and a constant pressure to meet the given deadlines. Trying to be positive in such an environment is like trying to set your own organic farmland in mars.

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But there are certain ways through which you can maintain a positive attitude at work with ease:  

  • The usage of positive language

Profanity is the devil of all times. No matter how close you are with your colleagues, you should always refrain from the usage of profanity. If you happen to use it by mistake on any rare occasions owing to extreme level of stress, you should ensure that it does not repeat again.

The reason being the potential that profanity has, to enkindle an aura of negativity into its surroundings. Therefore, it is a best practice to make use of positive language in your workplace.

  • Keeping yourself away from gossips

Avoiding a puddle of mud is the best way to stay clean, rather than stepping into it and then carefully carrying yourself out of it. The moment you sense a gossip generating at your workplace, try your best to avoid the situation. In case you are caught up in the conversation, act as a silent listener who does not provide any inputs.

  • Avoidance of criticism

There is a thin line of difference between criticizing an individual and giving them an honest feedback. If you find any fault with your co-worker, it is best advised to give them a constructive feedback instead of directly picking on their mistakes. This maintains an atmosphere of positivity and at the same time, gives an impression that you are trying to help the other person from committing a mistake.

People usually avoid negativity and tend to get naturally attracted towards positivity. The positive attitude that you show at work will make your colleagues to look up to you, when they face any kind of issues. This will in turn frame your image as that of a role model, which your managers will take into consideration as an excellent team player’s quality.

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Positivity in the workplace will always highlight the fact that you are capable of encouraging your team members to overcome obstacles and motivate them to work with dedication to achieve their goals. And this is one of the factors that is taken into consideration while deciding to promote an employee to the next level.

  • Eagerness to learn

An employee should always display an eagerness to learn and evolve because the world is going five steps ahead of you by every passing minute. Your employer expects you to be up to date with the latest skillsets and technology trends.

For example, If you were to allocate a piece of your work that is of utmost priority, such as delivering an urgent courier to someone who lives in your neighboring state, which service are you most likely to opt for? The logistics company that's the most advanced in technology and gets your work done with the blink of an eye; or a branded courier company that has garnered itself a massive amount of brand image but falls back in terms of efficient delivery services?

The mindset of the management also functions in a similar fashion, when it comes to giving a hike in the pay scale or promoting an individual the next level. They always give preference to the employees who show a considerable amount of eagerness in learning new things and keeping themselves up to date.

  • Proving your Worth

No one ever gives you a pay raise or promotion for your worth. They shall only ever consider you eligible for what they think you are worth of. And to a certain extent, you have a control on their perception about you. No matter how hard you work, if you are not projecting your efforts in front of the management in the right way, through the right channel, it is definitely not going to help you grow.

You might be highly capable and productive. There are chances that you can single handedly take care of the tasks assigned to three people at one time. You may also have innate multi-tasking skills. But the way you present yourself and your achievements in front of the management decides their perception about your value.

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Let us take the example of Bob. Bob is a highly efficient employee with multiple degrees along with a master's in management. He has an astounding knowledge in the workflow tools that lets him finish his work in one tenth of the allocated time. Post that, he helps his colleagues with their queries and issues related to work. But during the review sessions, Bob's manager asks him "What are the extra qualities that you have, which will make me consider you for a hike in pay scale? “ To this, Bob eagerly replies, " I just finish my work fast".

Now this is a contradicting statement from Bob's end. His manager might think that Bob is getting much easier work when compared to others. He might even conclude that Bob is taking help from others to call it a day or even think that if Bob has the ability to finish his work soon, why he is not taking up any other responsibilities that can be beneficial for the team!

In this and many other ways, Bob is diminishing his prospects of receiving a promotion or a hike. It is indeed affecting his ability to receive what he is worth receiving. The language and the style of communication along with the insignificant information provided by Bob, communicated that he himself did not believe that he had so much of value to offer.

You should not become Bob. You should always learn to project your skills and make your achievements visible In front of everyone. If you want raise or promotion, you should always prove your worth to the management because in a corporate world, your work does not speak out for you unless you are making it stand aloud among the crowd.


Even before you proceed ahead with these above-mentioned strategies, the very first thing to do is, be honest with yourself. You should also have a firm belief in yourself and your skillsets. Always try to keep yourself up to date as per the evolving market needs. If your pay hike or promotion is still pending, it is always a bad idea to threaten the management with quitting, in the golden hopes that they will be fulfilling your demands. You should stay calm and focus on your deliverables with a superior output value.

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