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Top 10 Templates on How to Write a follow up Email After Interview


The extensive job interview was done, and they said, “We will get back to you!”  Checking your phone constantly to see if they called to say, “Congratulations, the job is yours!” – it’s not something you enjoy doing. No one does. So what next? 

Writing a follow up Email After Interview,

It’s natural to feel anxious when you’re waiting to hear from your interviewer.  After all, you spent days preparing for interview questions and answers so you could crack the interview.  Now you  want to call the recruiter just to ask, “Am I shortlisted?” “Did I perform well?” and many such questions. Here’s what you can do instead.

Find out how to write follow up email after interview. Keep reading to know  all about:

  • How to follow up after an interview
  • Essential tips while following up with the recruiter
  • Interview follow up email that recruiters do reply to 
  • Interview follow up email when there is no response 
  • Best job interview follow up email subject lines

Why You Can’t Take Interview Follow Up Casually!

“91% of recruiters like being thanked after a job interview and expressing your thanks, reiterating your interests, and Adding in any additional information you might have missed must form the important points of any follow ups!”

There is a difference between following up and chasing someone; most of us confuse them. To follow up or send an interview follow up email is a social gesture that shows how much you value being part of the organization.

Also, recruiters often keep busy with deadlines to fill the respective positions; thereby, a follow up from your end will put you at the top of your mind and get you a timely response or feedback.

Following up after an interview demonstrates your passion and desire to be part of the organization and the team; recruiters admire this quality. Demonstrating your commitment to a job and company shows a recruiter that you'd be a high-quality hire who'd remain around for the long run.

Thereby, a follow up email after interview status is a practice you should abide by. But, this works only when done professionally that does not bother the recruiter and uplifts your candidature. 

Check out our next section to learn the basics of following up via email and phone calls after an interview.

Tips to Write A Follow-up E-mail after Interview


When is the best time to send a follow up email after interview?

Sending a quick follow up email soon after your interview can have a good impact. Do this within a few hours, definitely within 24 hours, after the interview. This will leave an impression on the hiring manager making it more likely that they will remember you. You can keep it short, word it thoughtfully, and remember to thank them for their time.

Here are the 9 professional ways of sending and interview follow-up emails that are a must to learn.

#1. Remind Through A Thank-You Note

Post your interview; sending a thank-you note kind of interview follow-up email shows how much you appreciate the chance and time the recruiter gave. It reflects gratitude and appreciation rather than the essential qualities in you that every employer likes, and it may set you apart from the rest of the candidates.

Also, sending a thank you note is an excellent way of reminding one of your candidature. However, a thank-you note kind of interview follow-up email should not be generic. Here are some templates and lines you use while sending an interview follow-up email with a thank you note.

  • Appreciate the time given by the interview in the thank you note kind of interview follow up email
  • Acknowledge the fact that you gained more insight into the job role and the company
  • Show enthusiasm for the role
  • Appreciate any special moment during the interview that made you learn more or highlight your skills

Have a look at the interview follow up email thank you note that you may consider sending post your interview:

 career in technology

#2. In Case The Interviewer Has Not Told You About The Next Step Post The Interview<>

If the interviewer has yet to tell you about the next step or when they will get back post the interview process, and you also missed asking the same during the interview, you may go ahead with a job interview follow-up email concerning the same.

Here’s a sample of what your job interview follow-up email may look like:

#3. When You Don't Hear Back From The Recruiter - Checking-In Interview Follow Up Email

If you have not received any call or email from the potential employer, you may send a “checking in” email to the recruiter even after your post-interview follow-up email. 

However, take your time sending this email and wait for at least 2 weeks before sending a checking-in follow-up email.  

If you think that a checking-in interview follow-up email may look desperate, worry not. It is just you are giving the recruiter a gentle nudge for an update over the job role you have invested time preparing for and are keen to move ahead with it. When you want that job, you may not worry about reiterating it.

Keep it concise, and avoid using a tone that shows you are overeager. Here’s what you need to make sure while writing a checking-in interview follow up email:

  • The subject line should have the job title you interviewed for.
  • Send this email to the recruiter with an update over the proceedings.
  • Keep it short and display your interest to join the organization. Offer to help with any additional information required. End with a thank you note. 

Template for checking-in interview follow up email that will help you understand how to follow up after an interviewresume

#4. Interview Follow Up Email To Stay-In-Touch

Whether you get the entry-level IT job or not, professional relationships work in the long term, and any chance to develop that should be grabbed with both hands. A staying-in-touch interview follow-up email helps you with that. 

If you have not received any response from the recruiter after the interview follow-up email, or you know that your candidature is not selected, don’t hesitate to send a stay-in-touch short and sweet follow-up email after no response. 

How to follow up after an interview: Here is what you need to take care of while sending the email:

  • Send this email to the hiring manager. This person is probably at a senior level and could be a potential mentor if you’re looking to grow in this field
  • Mention what intrigued your interest the most during the interview process.
  • Keep it short; finish in one or two paras. 


#5. Follow Up Email After Interview For Giving A Gentle Nudge

We know how desperate you’re to hear back from the recruiter but never show the desperation while writing the interview follow-up email. Giving a gentle nudge will not do any harm but follow the mentioned approach.

  • Write the interview follow-up email if it has been 2 or more days since they said they would contact you.
  • If a week has passed and you have not heard back. However, not hearing back does not necessarily mean you are not shortlisted; it may be that the recruiter is busy and may need a little reminder. 

How to follow up after an interview - Template for the interview follow-up email when sending a gentle reminder.


#6. Follow Up Email After the Interview In Case Of An Urgency Or Exception

The exception rule will apply if you have received an offer letter from another organization but want to join the organization from where the reply is awaited. However, there may be different scenarios like any of your certifications; a patent is being received, which will make a difference to your candidature. Therefore, you should write an email on priority. 

In any of such cases, you may send an interview follow up email even before the hiring manager communicates the data.

Template for interview follow up email in case of urgency or exception.

#7. Follow Up Email After Phone Interview

Post pandemic phone interviews are the new normal, requiring a different approach while sending the follow-up email post your telephonic interview. 

Template for phone interview follow up email: 


#8. No Response After Interview Follow-Up Email

Not getting a response from the recruiter does not mean you can’t follow up. Send a no response after interview follow-up email reminding the recruiter about the passed deadline. Show you are still interested in the job role and help with any additional information that may help proceed with the process.

Here’s an interview follow up email template that tells you how to write no response after an interview follow-up email:


#9. How To Follow Up On A Phone Call

However, the best and most professional way to follow up with the recruiters is an email. But, at times, a phone call will not harm if done professionally and keeping in mind certain aspects as it is a quick and straightforward approach to follow up.

Furthermore, both are effective and more personal than a thank-you email or a follow up email after an interview. You're building a personal connection with the individual who may decide to hire you. At the very least, it serves as a reminder of your candidacy to the interviewer. It may, at best, assist you in obtaining a second interview or possibly a job offer.

Here’s what to Say When You Call:

Within 24 hours of your interview, call your interviewer personally. You don't need to leave a message if you get a voicemail the first time you call. Try again, and see if you can call your contact at a convenient time.

Don't call without leaving a message too often. If you don't get through on your second attempt, leave a message with the following information:

  • Your given name
  • When were you interviewed, the job title for which you were interviewed
  • Thank you.
  • If you have any additional information, request that the person call you back.
  • Your contact information

Here's a template on how to follow up after an interview over the phone:

Thank you once more, and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

These are the 9 professional ways to follow up with the recruiter that’ll never portray you as desperate for the job role, instead positioning you as the one who is keen to give your best to the organization.

Moving ahead, we have shared the golden tips you should consider while sending an interview follow-up email.

#10 Follow up Email After the Second Interview Template

You scored yourself a second interview, and it went according to your expectations. But you have yet to hear from them. So what's next? Here is a follow up interview email template that you can use while you are waiting for for response from the employer after your second interview. 

These are the 10 professional ways to follow up with the recruiter that’ll never portray you as desperate for the job role, instead positioning you as the one who is keen to give your best to the organization. email follow up after interview

Moving ahead, we have shared the golden tips you should consider while sending an interview follow up email.

Tips To Keep In Mind While Sending A Follow up With The Recruiter

tipsHere are the essential tips for the interview follow-up email to help you ensure perfection.

  • Keep the interview follow-up email short and sweet. There is no need for a long, flattering email; keep it to the point with 3 critical elements - Name, body, and thank you note. 
  • The tone should be professional: Avoid exclamation points, emoticons, or distracting elements.
  • Use the job interview follow-up email to discuss anything you should have said or wish to expand on during your interview.
  • An interview follow-up email should be sent Within 24 hours of your interview. This answers when to send a follow-up email after an interview.
  • Begin with the name of the person who conducted your interview.
  • Finish the letter by giving your name and contact information.
  • Double-check your email before sending it using tools like Grammarly.
  • Follow some of the best subjects for follow up emails after the interview. 

That brings us to the end of the blog and the beginning of your task to draft the perfect interview follow-up email.


You have given your best shot in the interview; it’s the high-paying job that has kept you awake at night and kept you up preparing for the best showdown. There is nothing wrong or desperate in following up with the recruiter because you have worked relentlessly for the job role; the only thing that needs attention is a professional approach. 

Hope our blog works best for you and lands you the job you desire for. Now you do not have to worry about “how to write a follow up email after an interview” anymore. Do you have any additional questions about the interview follow up email? Or, if you are looking for more information about best practices while drafting the follow up email, drop us a line in the comments, and we’ll get back to you right away. 

We have put much effort into getting you the perfect templates and tips for the interview follow up email; if you appreciate our efforts, do like and share!


Q1. How long should I wait to write a follow-up email after an interview?

Ans:- The first follow-up interview email must be sent within 24 hrs to thank the recruiter for their time and reassert your interest and eagerness. If you’ve not received any response or communication from the recruiter for more than a week following you're first follow up email, you can send a second, short, and sweet follow-up email after the interview as a gentle reminder.

Q2. What should I say in the job interview follow up email?

Ans:-  You can “Thank” the interviewer for their time and deliberation. You can also address particular topics discussed at the time of the interview or something related to the job role. 

Vindicate your interest in the job position and, in short, describe about your experience and qualities that align with the job position and company. If required, ask if any additional information about you is required.

Q3. How many times should I follow up after an interview?

Ans:-  If you haven’t received any feedback after your first interview follow-up email, you can send a second follow-up interview email with a shorter message to remind the interviewer. But having said that, just one interview follow-up email is usually enough to get a response within the week.

Q4. What to avoid asking in your follow-up email after the interview?

Ans:-  Avoid bringing up money. Also, avoid asking about any reimbursements; if you had to travel for an interview and the prospect company promised to reimburse you for those expenses, wait to bring this subject up. It'll likely get taken care of once the interview process starts closing. At last, resist yourself asking out and out when you will know if you've been hired.

Q5. Should I send a thank you note/email on Saturday?

Ans:- No, you shouldn’t send a thank you note/ email on a Saturday. It’s assumed that most people can have access to emails over the weekend, so you must show some respect towards the recruiter’s time by only contacting them only during working hours.

Q6. How to send follow up email after interview?

Ans- If you are wondering “how to send a follow up email after an interview, " many formats and templates are available online to help you out. You can take references from the available templates and draft your mail.


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