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Embark Upon Your Future: The Roadmap To Getting A Job At Microsoft



Any idea why we have written this at the very beginning of this blog!

Permanently erase whatever confusion and self-doubt you have regarding getting a job at Microsoft because we will do some actual revamp here concerning how to get job in Microsoft.

We got three things today - practical advice on getting a job at Microsoft, skills required to get a job in Microsoft, what you need not do, and the current opportunities available.

Join us in this journey and nail your seat at the company that everyone desires to get in, but only 1% make the mark! Almost 9 million visitors check out job openings on the Microsoft career site and draw 2 million applicants annually. But only a few stand out! Trust us, they are not superheroes, neither is it all about skill-sets, but it is much more about your dedication, preparation, and commitment to join one of the best workplaces - Microsoft.

We can't begin with how to get a job in Microsoft without talking about the tech giant; keep reading to get to know what you are aiming for.

How Is Life At Microsoft?


icrosoft is like an 800-pound Gorilla in the room. The trillion-dollar company has seen unprecedented growth with its innovative product range, especially its cloud offering - Azure. In addition, it's buying of professional platform Linkedin for $26.2 billion made a lot of buzz. And the critical highlight is that its CEO Satya Nadella has a 93% approval rate on Glassdoor

The tech giant that employs 1,82,268 employees as per Statista has some real great monetary and nonmonetary benefits for its employees. As per the data on, the average salary for a .Net developer is approx $89553 per year, developer $90,000, data engineers $1050000, and so on. One of the best aspects of getting a job at Microsoft is the world-class wage and benefits package. According to PayScale, the company pays its tech employees an average of $119,000 a year.

Data by Ladders adds some more sweetness by stating that an engineer at Microsoft earns an average annual salary of approximately $125,000. In addition, employees are raving about Microsoft's perks package. For example, employees have access to a robust 401(k) plan, employee stock purchase plan and student debt refinancing program, in addition to the excellent health insurance facility the organization provides.

But, nothing comes for free! 

Microsoft has specific benchmarks when it comes to hiring the right candidate. Move to our next section to get a detailed understanding of how to get into Microsoft and how hard it is to get a job at Microsoft. Also, what does Mr. Gate have to say about hiring at Microsoft?

Bill Gate Advice On Getting Hired At Microsoft


What Are The Skills Required To Get Job In Microsoft

The current job opening at Microsoft in the technical domain, as per the data on Linkedin, is 58000+ worldwide, and if we go by the job description, there are specific skill-sets required to apply for the position. Internships, projects, and certifications are essential, like AWS, Azure, and some relevant certifications projects.

Technical Skills Required To Get Job In Microsoft :

Based on our research, we have mentioned the most required technical skills to apply for a tech role at Microsoft, and we hope this resolves your query about is it hard to get a job at Microsoft?

At Microsoft, it is essential to have a sound knowledge of programming. Among the most critical concepts, you should study BFS, DFS, shortest path algorithms, TypeScript, C++, Node.JS, React, search algorithms, dynamic programming, sorting algorithms, NET Framework, Access, ASP, ASP.NET, ASP.NET Core MVC.

Azure, Dynamics, Dynamics GP, SharePoint, SQL Server Integration Services SSIS, SQL Server Reporting Services, Visio, Cloud computing. Blockchain, AI, UX design, business analysis to mention how to get a job in Microsoft.

Now the question is - Is it hard to get a job at Microsoft? Definitely not! 

It becomes easier to get the top IT jobs if you get the required skills by constant learning and practice. Consider opting for role-based certification courses. Companies like Microsoft look for particular skill sets and certifications in their hiring process. Microsoft has even switched from product-based certificates to role-based certifications in early 2021. 

To name some of the best role-based certifications you may apply for when aiming for getting a job at Microsoft:

  • Associate Azure AI Engineer: How to get job in Microsoft, Candidates with an understanding of the development, managing, and deployment of AI solutions using Azure Cognitive Services, Microsoft Bot F is an advantage. AI-102 is the required test to obtain the certification
  • Candidates for Azure Data Scientist Associate should have subject matter knowledge in data science and machine learning and experience implementing and running machine learning workloads on Azure. DP-100 is a required exam you need to prepare for
  • Candidates for Azure Data Engineer Associate should have experience integrating, transforming, and combining data from various structured and unstructured data systems into formats that may be used to construct analytics solutions. The DP-203 test is required to be cleared. This answers how to get job in microsoft.
  • Azure Developer Associate: Candidates should have subject matter expertise in designing, building, testing, and maintaining cloud applications and services on Microsoft Azure. Required exam: AZ-204.
  • Microsoft SQL server certification is also a much sought out certification you should opt for, to answer how to get a job in Microsoft.

To jumpstart your career and make an impact Microsoft offers various scholarship programs, internships, and full-time opportunities designed to empower you. Apply for internships at Microsoft through the mentioned links:

Register to Microsoft engage program or Tech set Go program

However, your search on how to get job in Microsoft does not end here. Being tech-savvy is not the only criteria to get a job at Microsoft. These are a set of soft skills that recruiters look into while hiring a candidate. As per Linkedin, these are the most in-demand soft skills:

Creativity, persuasion, collaboration, adaptability, and emotional intelligence. Since the company stands for collaboration, they judge candidates' openness to work with others. 

Moving ahead on your quest for how to get job in Microsoft, we have got some practical and effective tips that are worth a shot.

Best Tips On How To Get Job In Microsoft

How hard is it to get a job at Microsoft? The journey may be much difficult if you don't prepare well, and are not aligned with what the hiring manager is looking for. So we have simplified the journey “how to get job in microsoft” for you by these effective steps:

#1. Apply for the relevant job position. Pursuing a bachelor's or master's degree in engineering, computer science, or related fields makes you eligible for a tech role at Microsoft. Certification in programming and object-oriented language is an added advantage for getting a job at Microsoft. It gives you the ability to demonstrate an understanding of data structures and algorithms.

If you're interested in a particular position at Microsoft, first apply online through the Microsoft careers site or other job portals. But, remember to apply as per the job description and the skills required to get a job at Microsoft. 

#2. Keep Learning. Read as much as you can about the company and understand its businesses, products, and community programs. Thorough knowledge of Microsoft will help you articulate your answers well, and it reflects the level of preparation you have done for the job. 

To answer how to get a job in Microsoft, keep up to date with happenings by reading company news on Microsoft Life. Stay connected by following the company on Twitter at Microsoft Jobs, Facebook at Microsoft Careers, Instagram at Microsoft Life, and LinkedIn on the Microsoft Corporate page.

#3. Resume Is Critical. It's unlikely that a generic résumé, no matter how well-crafted it appears, will suffice. So double-check that it matches the job description, because any communication to the recruiter should highlight your achievements and how you are the right fit for the role.

Do mention your certifications and internships on your resume. It adds a lot of value. Also, add internships you did during your college, it gives you an edge over other people. 

The company encourages you to include volunteer work and extracurriculars on your resume, don’t miss out on that front.

Essentials of an effective resume.

  • Clean and precise formatting
  • To the point introduction
  • Skill section that is relevant to the job profile
  • Summary about your internship/ or previous job and how you added value. Better to highlight in terms of percentage
  • Mention relevant certifications on the resume

Pro Tip - Make a perfect GitHub profile

#4. Look for referrals. Find connections on Linkedin about people who work in Microsoft. See if there is a common connection and how you reach out to the person. Demonstrate your enthusiasm to them about getting a job at Microsoft. If lucky enough, maybe the person can forward your resume to the recruiter directly. 

#5. What is the recruiter looking for? Recruiters at Microsoft look for candidates for a strong desire to learn, think creatively, adaptability, problem-solving, analytical thinking, intelligence, a passion for technology, a willingness to work hard, rock-solid skills, an entrepreneurial spirit, and a desire to be the best. They also pay attention and may ask you questions related to your work relationship with your past employer.

#6. Learn about the hiring manager. Learn as much as you can about the interviewees and their backgrounds using LinkedIn and other web tools. Check out there business profile and prepare yourself accordingly.

#7. Ace your technical interview. If you want to land a job at Microsoft you need to have a passion for coding, solving problems, and the incredible things technology can do for people worldwide. 

Microsoft hires freshers as SDE; candidates have to go through 5-6 rounds of interviews.

  1. Phone screening with the recruiter
  2. Phone screening with the hiring manager or someone from the team
  3. An online interview with 4-5 people
  4. Offer & Negotiation

Practice coding, design, and algorithms, and always validate your solutions. During the interview share case studies of past work or projects, highlighting the impact you made and how it benefited the company.

To answer further how to get a job in Microsoft by acing the technical interview? In the technical round, you will be asked to code on a whiteboard. The interviewer may give you an open-ended question with certain variables and ask to code a solution. Ask questions to the hiring manager before beginning with the task, have complete clarity, diagram the problem, and check your work. 

Be prepared to speak about how you solved the given problem. The recruiter is keen to know how your mind works, how you find solutions, and how you articulate your thought process.

Growth Mindset, Diverse & Inclusive, Values, and Manager Expectations are five major characteristics of Microsoft's culture that they keep in mind during the interview process. Candidates would normally meet with three to six persons when they are called in for an interview. 

The hiring manager wants to know about your successes, abilities, and specific skills, but more importantly, how all of them can be applied to the position you're applying for. Hope you understand how to get a job in Microsoft.

Even though by now, you know some of the best tips and the recruitment process to land a job at Microsoft. We have got you some "Do Not Do" as well, which you need to abide by.

What Not To Do For Getting A Job At Microsoft!


How hard is it to get a job at Microsoft? It will become much more complicated if you make some of the mentioned mistakes.

#1. Do not apply without understanding the role and your suitability. It does not give a good impression by just applying to get noticed.  

#2. In a desperate move on how to get a job in Microsoft, don't just straight up ask for a referral out of nowhere. It's not a welcoming approach on the other side if you've never connected with the person earlier and also you need to give a solid reason why they should refer to you. 

#3. Have confidence and keep applying for the right role. College does not matter to land a job at Microsoft. What matters is your passion for technology and to keep getting better at it.

#4. Not paying attention to your resume is a big “NO”. you will not get a call from the hiring manager if your resume does not highlight your fitment to the job role.

Check out some current job openings at Microsoft in our upcoming section.

What Are The Current Jobs At Microsoft?

Check out some job opportunities available on the Microsoft career page, you may go through the job description and apply for the best-fit job role.


Recent opportunities available on


Job postings on Linkedin

microsoft 3

Parting Note:

By now we are sure you know the answer to how to get job in Microsoft. Your hard work, knowledge, skill-sets, commitment is all that make the difference. Praed about the company, the job role, align your preparation accordingly, keep learning through the right certification course, and never give up on the practice. 

Nothing ever is unachievable, trust us!

On that note, we wish you the best of success in your job search at Microsoft. If you're unsure which certification is best for getting a job at Microsoft, contact us and we'll be happy to help!

Also, if you have ever given an interview at Microsoft, we would love to hear about your experience; tell us your story!


Q1.How to get placed in Microsoft with the proper resume.

Ans:-To answer how to get job in Microsoft company, unlike many organizations, Microsoft does not emphasize a one-page resume. Just make sure your details are relevant and well-articulated. Keep the essential details like certifications, internships, experience, a summary on the first page.

Also, Microsoft encourages applicants to mention any volunteer work they are a part of. 

Q2. How to get into Microsoft post submission of the resume?

Ans:-Once you have applied for the job, the hiring managers will contact you if you're a strong match. Else, your resume will be part of the recruiter's shared candidate database, and you will be contacted for any other opportunity.

Q3. How to get job in Microsoft - do they hire interns and new graduates?

Ans:-Yes! Even Microsoft offers internship programs that students should apply for.

Q4. Is it hard to get a job at Microsoft?

Ans:-It is not hard to get a job at Microsoft if you prepare well, practice job-related technical skills, pay attention to improving your soft skills and keep your updated about the organization. But, most importantly, be YOU, don't overdo things!

Q4. How to get a job in Microsoft, and How do I check my application status?

Ans:-To check your application status, log in or sign in to the company's career website and select the action center to check the status of your application for getting a job at Microsoft.

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