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How to Stay Productive in Holidays

Holidays are often associated with fun and enjoyment. Any kind of productive work is generally seen averse to the holiday spirit. But, we don’t grow if we go by the rule. One should go a step further and take holidays as a perfect time for unwinding, reflecting and planning as they offer enough mental space and time for one to reinvigorate one’s inner-self which is usually lost in the daily mundane routine.

Winter season is mostly viewed as a grey season as the wind-chill keeps us confined in the cozy home spaces. Food and fun are best enjoyed at home amid the warmth of the family especially when Christmas is around as the whole air is drenched in a festive mood. The best Christmas vacation is the one in which one has invested judiciously and maintained a balance between fun and self-improvement.

Here are a few tips which can be handy to make the best of Christmas vacation: stay productive in holidays

1). Family

The modern-day lifestyle has left people with little time, energy and interest to have family reunions. The warmth, happiness, unending sessions of family discussions, etc. have become a thing of the past. This has clearly hit the relations. Holidays are just the perfect time to reconnect with the family, friends, cousins, and everyone who matters. It is a time to rebuild the relations and renew the lost fondness and love. This is the most valuable task which should be taken up during the vacation.

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2). Personal Improvement

There are always some parts of our personalities or daily lives which call for improvement. The daily rush leaves us with no room to work on those aspects and they tend to be left out despite their significance. Like an old story, which said that a woodcutter was trying to cut a tree with a saw for hours. Someone passing-by pointed to him that he should consider sharpening his saw as it apparently blunt, but to the astonishment of the former, the wood-cutter replied that he had no time to do so. So, lesson learned is quite clear that we all also need to sharpen our saw and then bounce back to life with brand new vigor and skills.

Personal improvement can range from learning a new skill which can be of help in your professional life.If you are a IT person then a few short courses can come in handy like Salesforce training, Blockchain training, Tableau training, Business Analyst Training, DevOps training etc. These along with many others are offered by JanBask’s online training program which has been successfully undertaken by many. JanBask also keeps adding to the inventory of the courses it offers regularly as per the need of the market. Likewise, there are courses in Artificial Intelligence which are future-oriented and will be highly required in days to come.

3). Hobby Tracking

Holidays offer a good respite from work-life and thus one can lean back to find time to explore interests and hobbies. Everyone has a special knack for a particular interest like cooking, painting, writing, gaming etc. All these take a backseat usually due to time-constraints and rising workload. Holidays are incomplete if you are not able to spare time for the things you love to do. Also, there is always an option to develop a hobby into a skill by joining some training online also to improve your skills and talent.

4). Learn Something New Professionally

A great way to productively spend a vacation is to take short capsule courses in entirely new areas which you have not ventured before. This could be trying your hands on adventure sports, learning a new language, etc. The idea is to widen your spectrum of interests so you may be left with an entirely different experience. Reading some of the greatest books of all times leave you with untold experience and take you on a different journey while still sitting in your comfort zone. Many people choose to join book clubs. The latter not only offers a huge variety of books but also a wonderful forum where everyone comes together and hold meaningful discussions.

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5). Reflect and Plan

There are times when we look for peace and serenity to reflect on our past experiences, problems, decisions, and mistakes. Such sessions with oneself prove to be highly enriching and motivating. We can come to terms with our own past and see it from a new perspective. This not only helps us to find our own mistakes but also get answers to many questions which had been troubling us for a while. In addition, we are able to see the same situation fitted in a bigger frame and thus can see much more possibilities or approaches to deal with the same. This opens our thinking process to many new avenues which were hitherto completely forbidden. We land on a better platform to make critical decisions for the future. One should definitely spend some time during the holidays, making plans for the future.

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6). Wind up the year

Christmas time is also the time when the year comes to a close. So, all our projects and ventures need to be updated and made ready for the next year. One can look for better avenues and options for growth. Likewise, our taxes and expenses need to be worked out. It is a good time to close all old dues and embrace the new year with a free mind.

7). Networking

It is said, the community is a strength which defines the extent of our success. Working in solitude, or doing things only for oneself will limit our possibilities for growth. Thus, in this age where everything travels at the speed of thought and the scale of your success is defined by the number of likes or comments, building sound networks both professional and personal help us go a long way. It is the basic ingredient for growth. One can plan get-togethers or a quick weekend getaway to an exotic place with office colleagues, just to catch up the heat and see what is brewing and how to keep ahead. Also, this brings professional relations to personal doors and can serve as a great advantage later. One can also explore new business contacts and build on it in informal settings. Such meetings often prove as path breaking moments in one’s life.

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Thus, there are many ways in which one can wisely spend the vacations. Some tips hold good for all times like starting your day early. We tend to have lazy mornings on holidays which does give us a fulfillment of proper sleep but eats away a major portion of the day, especially in winters. Thus, rising up early will help in better organizing of the daily routine. This is highly important as you are left with the entire day at hand for better tasks.


Holidays and fun go hand in hand but adding a pinch of productivity will give them a new sheen. They will not only leave you mentally at rest but also better equipped with new skills to take on daily challenges with a new vibe, energy, and confidence. Reflections on the past and a sound plan for the future will act like suggestions if you want to make any major changes for the coming year. Christmas is a time to cheer and rejoice with friends and family, yet if one is able to find space for personal improvement it is an added advantage. Also, one should take care to keep your family on top of the priority list as these days are incomplete without the love and care of the people who matter.  

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