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Ultimate Selenium Testing Tutorials For Beginners & Professionals (With Career Path)


Do you know the Cost of Poor Software Quality or CPSQ was estimated to be $1.56 trillion in 2020, mainly due to the escalating frequency of cybersecurity incidents and software defects?

That’s the reason and along with so much competition in the IT market, every company these days is looking for ways to offer flawless and accurate web apps and software services. To achieve this, organizations have been trying to increase the effectiveness, efficiency and coverage of their software testing with the help of Automation testing. Since it is sometimes difficult to manually test all software functions repeatedly in the occurrence of new bugs due to added new features or other reasons. But it’s not that difficult if the testing is automated, especially if it’s Selenium automation testing. The Automation testers/specialists or Quality Assurance testers who after assessing the app or software for any issues or bugs, work with development teams to resolve them and retest the apps for a smooth and flawless functioning. 

If you are intrigued by the world of automation testing and want to know more, then this Automation testing tutorial is for you! Actually this tutorial is Selenium centric because it is quite a popular Automation testing tool for its use of simplicity and open-source availability. So, in the Selenium testing tutorials, you will get a brief introduction to it, its features, how to do Selenium testing, learn the different suites of Selenium, along with how to set it up.

Let’s dive in!

Selenium Automation Testing Tutorials For Beginners & Experienced

In this Selenium Automation Testing Tutorial, you get an in-depth introduction into the world of automation testing, specifically Selenium testing. The Selenium Testing tutorials is specially curated for beginners with little or no manual testing experience or even experienced professionals in manual testing and now wants to upscale to Automation testing. The tutorial will cover the following aspects so tighten up your seat belts as you go on a ride!

Selenium Automation Testing Tutorials: What is Selenium  5:18

Let’s start this Selenium Testing tutorials with the introduction on Selenium. Developed in 2004 by Jason Huggins, Selenium is an open-source, automated testing tool that is used to automate the tests on web browsers. It is licenced under Apache License 2.0 and is also often referred to as the counterpart of automation testing. However, Selenium is not just a single tool but is actually a collection of tools (at times it's also called Selenium Suite) each tool catering to various Selenium testing requirements. Here are the four tools or components of the Selenium Suites, namely:

  • Selenium Integrated Development Environment (IDE)
  • Selenium Remote Control (RC)
  • Selenium WebDriver
  • Selenium Grid

Selenium Automation Testing Tutorials: History of Selenium Tool 13:27

Selenium originated as a “JavaScriptTestRunner,” an automation tool to verify work that needed to be repeatedly performed on a daily or change basis. At first, it was only used by the company where Jaosn worked but then in late November 2004, it was made an open-source tool with a new name “Selenium.”

Why the name Selenium?

As early as 2000 Mercury Interactive was popular and a competitor to Thoughtworks. Jason cracked a joke in an email sent to his team at ThoughtWorks, where he mocked their competitor “Mercury” by specifying that Selenium is the antidote for Mercury poisoning! His team took the name, that was how the team approved the name Selenium for their framework.

Selenium Automation Testing Tutorials: What is Selenium IDE 32:03

Selenium IDE (Integrated Development Environment) is an easy-to-use Firefox add-on that creates Selenium tests very quickly through its record-and-playback functionality. Though it can only be with Firefox browsers, one can convert the recorded scripts into various programming languages supported by Selenium, doing so enables scripts to be executed on other browsers as well.

Selenium Automation Testing Tutorials: What is the difference between Selenium vs UFT 32:48

Here are the major differences between Selenium vs UFT:

  • Selenium is open-source and is a free tool to download and use but UFT is a paid tool and you need to buy the license in order to use it.
  • UFT supports web, mobile, API, hybrid, and other enterprise apps but Selenium can only be used for web-based apps.
  • Selenium supports a diverse range of programming languages but UFT supports only test scripts written in the VBScript programming language.
  • Selenium offers cross-browser compatibility as it’s OS independent and test scripts can run across all browsers. But UFT test scripts run only on the Windows environment. 
  • UFT has its own in-built object repository that helps in organizing application data but Selenium does not offer this feature.
  • UFT offers faster automation as compared to Selenium.

Selenium Testing Tutorials: How to Set up Selenium 34:12 

Setting up the Environment in Selenium Involves the Following Steps:

  • Download & Extract Eclipse IDE.
  • Download & Install Java (Java Development Kit) Software.
  • Download Selenium WebDriverJava language bindings from & Add Jar files to Java project in Eclipse IDE. 
  • Download Browser drivers (Chrome, IE, etc.) & Extract.
  • Download the TestNG framework from Eclipse & Install.

Selenium Automation Testing Tutorials: What is Selenium Test lifecycle 47:49

SE blog

Wondering How to Do Selenium Testing or What Is Selenium Life? Then Here’s the Selenium Testing Cycle:

  • Test Planning
  • Generating Basic Tests
  • Enhancing Tests
  • Running and Debugging Tests
  • Analyzing Test Results and Reporting Defects

Let’s discuss these phases in detail:

1. Test Plan:

  1. Take app environment requirements from the development team.
  2. Identify the objects in the App which will be tested.
  3. Create the test cases & pick the framework according to the specifications.

2. Generate Basic Tests:

  1. Selenium IDE: Element locator & Selenese commands.
  2. Selenium WebDriver: Element locator techniques & WebDriver methods are used.

3. Enhancing Tests:

  1. Insert a validation point using Assert/Verify commands.
  2. Synchronization with the app being tested.
  3. Managing expected & unexpected errors.

4. Running and Debugging Tests:

  1. Executing a test case.
  2. Debugging only if there is an issue in the test case.

5. Analyzing Test Results and Reporting Defects:

  1. Selenium offers an overview of the records & not a detailed report.
  2. TestNG and JUnit are used to generate records in detail.

Selenium Automation Testing Career Path: Salary Trends, Job Outlook & Certifications

Selenium Automation Testing Career Path

Since you got a brief introduction to software automation testing through the Selenium Testing tutorials for beginners & experienced, let’s now discuss the career growth and job opportunities in Automation testing. So if you are wondering whether you should pursue Automation testing or not, then let us share the good news, a simple Google search reveals that as of August 18th 2021, currently there are over 25k job opportunities for Automation testers. As with organizations focusing on optimizing their testing cycle and aiming to get error-free software development & quality assurance, they need qualified and certified Automation testers, especially with Selenium skills. But why Selenium? Read below the reasons for its popularity:

  • For software test automation, Selenium supports all major languages such as Python, Ruby, JavaScript, Java, C#, among other programming languages.
  • It is an open source and free with no upfront costs automation testing tool.
  • Selenium script is compatible with all the major browsers (Firefox, Google, Safari or IE) and supports and can work across different OS like Windows, Linux & Mac OS, etc.
  • It has a user-friendly interface which eases the process of creating & executing test scripts. 
  • It offers parallel, multiple test executions and therefore faster go-to-market.

Who is a Selenium Automation Tester?

 Selenium Automation Tester

  • A Selenium Automation Tester is a professional who designs, programs, simulates, and deploys effective test automation solutions using Selenium. 
  • An average salary of a Selenium Automation Tester is $92,321/year or $44.39/hour.
  • An average salary of a Software Tester is $93553/year or $44.98/hour.

For information about the salary of a Selenium Automation Tester for Freshers & Experienced, check out our insightful blog!

Kickstart Your Career As A Selenium Automation Tester in 4 Steps!

You know what is Selenium testing, its features, suites & how to do selenium testing so now let’s discuss how you can start a career in it. Here’s a quick and doable step for you to help you figure a way to start a career in Selenium Automation Tester, we ensure you that these steps will help you take your Selenium Automation Testing career to the next level:Kickstart Your Career

1.Map Out the Details Of Selenium Automation Testing Career

It is highly recommended that before you start your preparation to pursue a career as a Selenium Automation tester you should know beforehand about the various things that are involved in it. You will not only be financially invested in it but also mentally and physically so you should first test the waters before you decide to sail through it. To ensure that you are making the right decision about picking up a career in automation testing, get to know these pointers:

  • Payscale
  • Learning curve
  • Educational background/work experience
  • Hiring companies (with the best locations)
  • Prerequisite Skills & Knowledge
  • Selenium Tester roles & responsibilities
  • Work Culture & Atmosphere
  • Career growth, opportunities & more

2.Join a Selenium Automation Testing Server Training & Certification

Automation testing as a field is so vast and diverse that you cannot do it on your own. You need expert advice and professional guidance, especially industry experts who not only will be able to give you theoretical as well as practical understanding of the workings of automation testing but also are aware about the current trends in the Selenium Automation testing. So research about some decent automation testing training and certification programs and let the experts help you make an informed decision. 

Don’t know which one to go for? Let us help you in making the decision. Take a quick & free demo class with us and know why we are the best Selenium Automation Testing training & certifications platform!

3. Master the Selenium Automation Testing Certifications

Obtaining a certification in any field not only allows you to display your expertise in a certain field or area but it also solidifies your chance of getting a lucrative offer as well. There aren’t any particular vendors that specifically provide certification for Selenium testing certifications but there are some top Automation testing certifications that once you obtain will surely help you start well in the automation testing career. So apply for them, prepare well and once you ace them, with proper training and hands-on experience, you will see jobs lined up for you!

4. Golden Rule: Always Practice & Practice

They say “Practice makes a man perfect,” for a reason and this is absolutely true when you have started learning something new. As a beginner, automation testing, its tool, and its learning path may be challenging for you but there is nothing a determined and dedicated mind can’t do. How long it will take you to learn a skill or technology or how effectively you employ that knowledge depends entirely on how much effort, practice, discipline, and dedication you put into learning it. So go ahead, build little automation test scripts, break them, shake things up, identify the issues and see how quickly you fix them, and repeat it again. Remember practice>playing>building>learning, this should be your mantra if you wish to get the Selenium tester interview call from your dream company & to have a successful automation testing career! 

Hey, if these steps overwhelmed you and you still don’t know how to and where to start your QA Software Tester Career path, is it even worth pursuing for, then go through the blog and get your answers!


There’s no doubt that Selenium has increased the efficiency and effectiveness of the testing process cycle. With the factors, how easy, simple and without having any solid programming language you can use Selenium for testing has made it crowd-favourite. In the Selenium Automation testing tutorials, we also shared a brief introduction to Selenium, its related tools, usages and shared how to set up Selenium. 

In this Selenium Testing tutorials, we provided a detailed look into the world of automation testing, how Selenium automation testing has optimized the process and if you want to start a career as a Selenium Automation tester, we hope you will take important insights from the career path we shared with you and will help you take necessary steps to be a part of such a lucrative and exciting career! 

If you’re interested in launching your career as an automation engineer or want to know more about how you can hone your Selenium skills then drop us a comment, we are all ears! 

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