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Selenium Testers Role: Job Responsibilities & Description

The career of software testing professionals involves multiple options. Being a manual tester, you may be responsible for test functionality of the app manually. This job may also involve writing test cases and the job of manual testers does not have a deep learning curve. After the manual testing career, the aspirant naturally must try for the automation testing career, which is much promising then manual testers. Selenium is a popular automation testing tool. Along with Selenium there are many other automated testing tools like

  • HP UFT
  • SilkTest
  • TestComplete

Selenium is the most popular and open source automation testing tool. This blog discusses the roles and responsibilities of a Selenium testing professional, Selenium testers job description and the salary trend for Selenium professionals.

About Selenium

Open source Selenium is an automated testing tool and to learn Selenium you do not require extensive technical skills. If you are familiar with Java programming, then you can easily learn Selenium.  Selenium testers or the automation testers may have to write automated test suites, to design the BPT components and frameworks. To master the skill you may have to spend 3-4 years as Selenium automation tester. For Selenium testers the certified professional-Selenium Automation Testing (CP-SAT) certification is the best one to authenticate their knowledge. The blog covers following sections:

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Role of Testing Professionals

Testing professionals can have following roles and responsibilities:

Test Analyst

Testing professionals can become Test analysts and being a test analyst they may be responsible to execute complete testing phases for the project. They can be an important member of the testing team. The job of the testing analyst is to coordinate with customers for defining and designing the test strategies. This challenging role may require certain key skills to succeed. However there is no specific certification for a test analysts but CAT or Certified Agile Testers is a popular and suitable certification.

Requirements for Test Analyst

  • To create and manage the test environments
  • To manage and maintain automation scripts
  • 2-5 years of automation tester experience
  • To master framework development

Test Lead Manager

The next level for the testing professionals is test manager or leader. Being the team leader you may be responsible to manage your team independently. The team may not be responsible for a single project instead can be responsible for multiple projects. Usually a test manager is responsible to execute various planning test activities, analyzing them, tracking the activities along with many other responsibilities. Following are a few requirements or Selenium Tester or description  to become a test leader or manager:

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  • Must be able to schedule, plan and track the test activities
  • Must be able to plan and design the testing strategies
  • Ability to track and manage the activities related to test

A test manager must possess the following skills:

  • Knowledge of manual and automation test processes and cycles
  • Skill to estimate the team efforts
  • Skill to manage people
  • Knowledge of agile testing methods

A test manager can get following certificates for the longlasting and authentic career:

  • ISTQB certification of advanced level test manager
  • Software Testing Certified Manager Certification
  • PMP Certification from PMI or Project Management Institute

Business Analyst

From a manual tester one can become a business analyst. As business analysts also have to conduct the functional testing so the experience of the manual tester can be an additional advantage. There are two categories of business analyst one is the freshers or beginners and other is for experienced professionals. IIBA ECBA certification is for the entry-level professionals.  Being a business analyst you may have to conduct many analysis and the testings of the business modules prior to implementation of these modules. Read More: Selenium Interview Questions and Answers

Responsibilities of Testing Professionals

Any testing professional has to carry certain responsibilities of the project as per their designation or role. There are certain key responsibilities of these professionals as listed below:

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  • To understand and analyze the testing requirements of the project
  • To organize the kick-off meeting for the team members
  • To define the testing strategies
  • To build a testing professionals team with full motivation, skills and attitude
  • To arrange the software and hardware requirement to setup the testing environment
  • To process, implement, enforce and monitor the testing processes as per organizational standards
  • To review the documentation of test cases
  • To keep track of any new or updated requirement of the team
  • To escalate the project requirement issues to Sr.test manager or the project manager
  • To discuss the weekly progress of the project and to attend the client calls
  • To communicate with the client
  • To act as a single point of contact between testers and the developers
  • To review various test reports prepared by the test engineers
  • To ensure the timely delivery of various testing milestones

Selenium Tester Job Responsibilities as per the experience level of the teaser:

The job responsibilities of the Selenium professionals may not be the same always from one company to another and from one project to another. However here you can check the standard responsibilities of the Selenium professionals.

For Freshers or Less Than One Year Experienced Candidates:

  1. Understanding of regression and functional testing
  2. Knowledge of Selenium suite of tools like Selenium IDE, Selenium RC, Selenium Grid and Selenium WebDriver
  3. Idea of Test Automation Framework implementation
  4. Knowledge of Java Programming concepts like file handling, exception handling, database operations and OOPS concepts.
  5. Must be able to create and execute the test cases using Selenium WebDriver and IDE.

For More than one year experienced professionals

  1. To fix errors and debug the test cases
  2. To generate test reports
  3. To enhance test cases using Java programming
  4. To track the defects and perform Regression testing
  5. Defining and exporting test results

For more than 4 years of Testing Automation experience

  1. To implement and design automation test strategy
  2. To identify and select test cases for automation
  3. To organize, manage and create the test automation resources
  4. Co-ordination of the work of test team members and development team
  5. To interact with client side to update status and resolving the query if any

Salary of Selenium Testing Professionals

Although salary of Selenium professionals depend on their experience and knowledge. But also it may vary from one company to another and from one country to another. As per indeed .com the average salary pf Selenium testers in the US is $68k per year which may be upo$82K per year. 


In this article we have discussed the roles and responsibilities of the testing professionals or Selenium professionals. We can say that a Selenium testing professional must have basic knowledge of Java Concepts and Selenium IDE. To learn the Selenium you can enroll for any Selenium course.

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