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Python Learning Path - Future Scope & Career Growth

Among other programming languages, Python is still given on the top and taken as the most promising career choice for technical professionals. Career opportunities for Python developers are growing immensely worldwide. This is a high-level language with a robust programming structure, easy syntax, optimum readability, and better designs with minimum lines of code. Further, Python is just the amazing tool for creating scripts at the larger scale.

Python is the general-purpose programming language and widely applicable for web development, testing, writing scripts, or app development etc. Additionally, Python offers a dynamic type system and excellent memory management that makes programming more robust and easier. Anyone having the depth understanding of programming language can enjoy a variety of job roles engineers, developer, or the data scientist.

In this blog, we will discuss the Python learning path for freshers and experienced the future scope of the programming language and how can a developer grow as a freelance or permanent employee during the next few years while working with Python. Once you will go through this blog, you can quickly understand why someone should learn Python and what the career scope for freshers is and experienced in the technical marketplace.

Python Learning Path for Beginners and Experienced Candidates

When you are starting your career as a Python beginner then you will get the jobs like software developer, Python developer, Python programmer, DevOps engineer, data scientists etc. For fresher, you will generally start with a package of 3-5 lacs for most companies and higher salaries will be offered by leading brands like Accenture, Capgemini etc. You should always follow a well-defined learning path when looking for a job in Python. With the right training and the attitude, you could always learn faster and become a demanding resource in the IT space.

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  • For the python beginners or Freshers, they can always start with variables and loops. Of course, to become successful, you need a stronger programming background and the appropriate problem-solving approach.
  • After this, they can work on lists, tuples, or dictionaries and many other related Python topics that give you a perfect idea of the technology and how it works.
  • To get lucrative job options, one should have the strong knowledge of immutable types, ability to create classes, and modules, exceptional handling techniques etc. Once you will start with basic programming, there are a lot of chances of getting hired quickly,
  • The newbies or Python beginners should always be sure of different Python versions and which one will be more profitable as per your business needs. For this purpose, study on different versions and compare them with the latest one. If you are still confused, this is always good taking help from the experts.
  • Going ahead, we will discuss the intermediate concepts such as functional and reactive programming, statistical programming, and regression testing in Python. The advanced topics will be covered later once you are sure on the basics.
  • In the end, try working on two-three real-life projects and express yourself confidently during an interview. It will help you in becoming a demanding IT resource and get hired by top MNCs worldwide. Once you will complete the learning journey with video content at JanBask Training, you would be a proficient developer in Python.

According to GitHub, Python is definitely the promising career choice for the aspirants looking for higher salary packages. The best idea is to opt for Python certification from leading vendor or join some certification training program too. They will make you an expert in Python and get acquainted with dynamic typing, duck typing, strong typing etc. and how Python will be implanting all these three together or independently.

  • Getting a permanent post as an experienced Python Programmers with leading MNCs needs intensive preparation and strong knowledge of concepts. First, you need to brush up the basic content and have a look at the previous projects completed in the past.
  • Also, you need to confident for your strength areas and present yourself confidently. As an experienced programmer, you will be evaluated for your programming skills in the Python.
  • You will be analysed for analytical skills deeply. Make sure that you have success stories for a quick glance before you appear for an interview.
  • For the lucrative career options in Python, you should have a thorough knowledge of the multiple scientific or numerical models with efficient algorithms writing.

With these skills, you will be able to give a definite boost to your career and you can claim for the package between 8 to 12 Lacs. The figures can be even higher when negotiated with the employer. Python salaries in India are highly impressive. According to, India and the USA are leading the technical market in terms of pay and compensation levels. The minimum salary for a Ruby developer is 4.8 lacs and Python developer is taken 5 lacs on an average or even more.

Why should you learn Python?

Python is not the new player in the market but it has already gained immense popularity in programming space. This is an open-source programming language with maximum versatility and excellent development capabilities. Also, the coding efforts are reduced significantly for better performance and testing. This is the why Python professional are much in demand today.

The average salary of a PHP developer is around 3 Lac. Mainly, the Python and Ruby developers are getting attractive incomes because of less availability as compared to other similar skills or resources available in the market. This is the reason why a plenty of training institutes offer intensive learning programs in Python and Ruby but trainers are only limited even today. If you are also looking to start a career in Python then don’t forget to join some reliable institute who could complete your dreams immediately.

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Future scope of Python for Freelance jobs

Companies either in USA or India are looking for python professionals that are highly skilled and qualified. Only an expert Python engineer is able to give a robust solution as per client needs and requirements. Python, C++. Ruby, PHP, Big Data Hadoop, Salesforce, Java, And SQL are a few skills that are supposed to rock in 2018 and beyond. Python is always as the high-level programming language and gaining a competitive advantage over others.

Python is a popular scripting language that is growing tremendously and expected to expand its wings in three major areas in the near future – Artificial Intelligence, Networking, and the Big Data. If you are enough skilled then you can start your career as a freelancer too and start taking live projects right away. The projects in python are increasing almost daily. This is the US where most of the python opportunities came from.

As a freelancer, you can work from home at your convenient hours and work on multiple projects together. Working alone is not easy but you should be expert enough to face the programming challenges. If you know how to work in the cloud and host the existing project over the cloud then you can definitely succeed as a freelancer too. The amount of salaries is not fixed because you can pay much or less as per your skills or experience levels. Make sure that the programs you are writing are less prone to errors and working well for the buyers.

Most of the freelancers are hired on the contract basis with an average hourly rate of $30. You can work on more than one project or choose a single project only; the choice is completely yours. Working as a part-timer, freelancer Python programmer, or the full-stack Python developer, security architects, or data scientists, options are just the endless and you need to decide how you will work when joining some Company. Even the hourly rates will go up based on the criticality or complex level of the job.

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Future Growth from a Python Developer to the Data Scientist

According to the average salary of the data scientist with intensive Python skills is about $62,878 per year in the US. The salary would definitely increase as your experience will increase. Today, Python is the highly growing programming platform across countries like United States, United Kingdom, Germany, and Canada. Even the experts reported a steady rise in salaries during the last few years as compared to other programming experts working with Java, PHP, C++ etc.

As a Python professional, you can start your career from junior Python developer and grow as per your experience and skills in the industry to become a successful Data Scientist. Here is the graph how can you grow from beginner level to the experienced ones with their respective salaries.


The future scope and career growth in Python are quite attractive with multiple merits. The learning path is easy and lucrative salaries are the definite perks for aspirants. You can always become the part of the technological landscape and influence the world in your own way. This magic touch is also added to our Python certification course, to make you ready to rock.

This is true that Python offers a diverse number of career options and you can start with the simple ones and later switch to the role of data scientist for immense growth. With the right skills and enough experience and the right Python certification, one can always become a successful Python leader in the IT marketplace. So, you need to perform well to prosper in Python. If you are ready then start your training today and get your dream jobs right away.

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