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Upgrade Your Programming Career by Learning Python & Getting Certified


Python language is defined as an interpreted, object-oriented high-level programming language that comes with dynamic semantics. It's high-level built-in data structures, combined with dynamic typing and dynamic binding can make it more attractive for Rapid Application Development that includes scripting as well as the glue language to connect to the existing components. 

Know the exact Use of Python Language

Support Systems - The use of python is to make one re-learn syntax emphasizes readability and therefore it reduces the cost of program maintenance. This machine learning tool also supports modules and packages that encourage program modularity and code reuse too.

Why is Python the most popular programming language?

  Career by learning Python

 Easily Accessible - Python is labelled as the most popular programming language in 2018 according to Gartner. With the ease of access and increasing demand is evident from the fact that it will surely help professionals to become a certified Python developer. The demand for python developers is expected to grow more by 2028. 

 Career by learning Python

Introducing Python Programming Language

Python programming language is said to be one such language that consists of many features that encourage developers to switch to python language over another set of programming languages. 

Saves TimeS- Owing to the easy syntax and readability makes python learning much easier for the programmer to understand. Therefore, web-developers do not need to put much time and effort into architecture complex programs. 

Offers Integrated Programming- It is often labelled as the general-purpose interpreted programming language and it comprises tons of libraries that cater to the needs of the individuals. Matplotib, Numpy, and Pandas are some of its examples. 

Why is Python referred to as an open source tool?

Python is regarded to be the free and open-source tool that can run on different platforms like Windows, Mac, Linux, and much more. Moreover, the popularity of Python Developer has increased over the years and it has also further helped in increasing the demand too.

How to become a python developer?

Relearn Technical Knowledge -To become a python developer, a software engineer should instil the desire to relearn technical things at a very fast rate. He should consider a structured approach to master all of the set of required technical skills. 

Here are some of the technical knowledge that he should be full of with their practical usage while creating applications.

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Python Fundamentals

  1. Variables and Data Types - A budding software developer needs to clear all the basic concepts regarding the structure, usage, and building of databases and should carry the potent knowledge about variable statistics that are required while coding the program. 
  2. Data Structure and Algorithms - He should be thorough with the concepts about data structure and algorithms. 
  3. Loops, conditional and control statements - An upcoming python professional is expected to learn in an environment where the loops, conditional, and control statements are made. 
  4. I/O Operations and Exception Handling - A certified developer is regarded to be someone who handles the I/O operations and handles the exceptions. 
  5. Modules and File Handling - A certified python developer is labeled as someone who operates several modules and handles the files too. 
  6. Database Knowledge - A certified python developer is regarded to be someone who owns full knowledge about the relational database and creates servers. 

Beginning with Python fundamentals, a web-developer needs to master all the basic concepts like coding the foundation of any programming language. 

Know what all the web-frameworks are. 

  1. Django or Flask
  2. HTML, CSS
  3. MVC-MVT Architecture 
  4. Server-Side Development. 
  5. Front End Development
  6. Script Writing 

A python web-developer is expected to be someone who masters the web-frameworks and knows the concepts that can lead one to become an excellent web-developer. 

A python-developer can easily build GUI based applications or web applications according to the specifications to master their skills. 

Thorough with Data Science

  1. Mathematics and Statistics 
  2. Libraries including seaborn, NumPy, pandas and matelot
  3. Data Visualization
  4. Interpretation and Data Analysis 
  5. Manipulation of Data 
  6. Database Knowledge

Moreover, for attaining a good set of practice, a web-developer should be able to analyze and interpret the data and can also make the changes required in the data-set to manipulate the data. 

Advantages of learning Python

  1. Backend Programming Language- Python is referred to as the backend programming language and it is referred to be great for beginners. 
  2. Less Difficult - This tool is said to be similar to Ruby in more than one way and is said to be less verbose than any other programming language.
  3. Easily Workable Tool - This programming too is said to be quite approachable because even a non-tech professional can easily write the codes in Python and it is estimated to be that of the high-level language. 
  4. Work Specific Tool - This programming language tool is used specifically for scripting, web scraping, and also for creating data sets. Moreover, it is termed as the most popular tool in the scientific community to propagate scientific computing 

Python is labelled as the best web-programming language and it interfaces with web-servers too. 

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Is Python also referred to as a “loosely typed” tool? Know the reason why?

Often referred to as “loosely typed” because it doesn’t allow one to state the common value of function returns and it also defines the function type of the variable before creating it. 

Python is said to be a well maintained and well-documented language that is said to be very vital for any business product to grow. 

What are the roles and responsibilities of a Python certified professional?

1. Manage Front End Execution - He/she has to manage the interchange of data between the server and the users. His duty also lies in assuring that the amount of work done by him includes all the server-side logic, high performance, and responsiveness to manage all the requests from the front-end.

2. Enhance Performance of Applications - He/she also needs to write reusable, testable, and efficient code, design and implementation of low-latency, high-availability, and in enhancing the performance of certain applications.

3. Expert in building Python Libraries - A certified python professional is also liable for developing automated test scripts in Python by using an existing automated testing framework and custom-built Python libraries.

4. Integrates Front-end Tools - A python developer is also responsible for integrating the front-end elements which are built by co-workers into the application. Thus, a certified Python developer does need to understand the basic concept of front end-technologies.

5. Understands Software Architecture - He needs to carry greater expertise in understanding the threading limitations of Python as well as multi-process architecture.

6. Well-versed with Programming Languages - He/she also understands the server-side of template language and does carry the basic understanding of front-end technologies like JavaScript, HTML 5, and CSS3.

7. Knowledge About Python’s Framework - He/she should also understand the python with knowledge of at least one Python web framework like Django, Flask, and much more that depends upon the technology stack.

8. Unites User-Friendly Elements - A certified python developer is also capable of integrating user-facing elements that are developed by front-end developers with server-side logic.

9. Protects Data - He/she is also capable of ensuring security and data protection Integration of data storage solutions, enhancing the knowledge of user authentication, authorization between multiple systems servers and environments.

10. Familiar With Designs - He/she can also understand the fundamental design principles behind the scalable application and familiarity with event-driven programming in Python.

11. Supports Software Developing Systems - He/she is also known for supporting software developers, database architects, data analysis, and data scientists on data initiatives.

12. Builds Data Infrastructure - He/she is also interested in engineering and assembling the data sets according to the business requirements and also in building data infrastructure and also leverages the variety of big-data technologies.

13. Assembles Data - As a data engineer, he is also responsible for creating the data sets as per the business requirements of big-data technologies.

14. Perfect Knowledge about SQL - A certified python professionals is someone who needs to have accurate SQL experience while working with relational and non-relational databases.

15. Engineers API Development - A certified python professional should also need to know how data engineering works along with a strong backend API Development experience.

16. Integrates Data Warehouse Structure - He/she should implement and maintain the ingest of data to ensure the integration of the data warehouse structure.

17. Analyzes Business Operations - He/she should also analyze the business operations requirements according to the data and also evaluate the existing data quality and also in recommending the improvised set of opportunities.

18. Understands Automation Methods - He/she is also allowed to participate in continuous improvements and work alongside the agile development team by using the scrum techniques that work in contributing the development to the particular team member and also in having good knowledge about the cloud services like AWS that works along with DevOps tools such as Jenkins, Git and much more.

19. Assess Project Tasks - He /she is also capable of collaborating with peers and is known for providing professional assessments of project tasks.

20. Great Knowledge of Python - He/she should also have a good knowledge of Python, Django, React, MySQL, PostgreSQL, and is said to be quite helpful in shifting to No-SQL eventually. 

21. Perfect Understanding of Code Versioning Tools - A certified python professional should also be able to create database schemas that do represent and support the business processes, strong unit test, and debugging skills along with a proficient understanding of code versioning tools. 

22. Practice Software Development - He/she should also carry the practice of creating software development lifecycle models by using the Scaled Agile and the scrum framework and waterfall model too. 

23. Manages Long Term Codebase - A certified python developer should carry greater expertise in managing long-term codebase health especially related to python in packaging, automated testing, dependency management, environment set-up, Python 2 Python 3 conversions, design patterns and also in incrementing refactoring a change in the coding pattern too. 

What all are the skills required by the Python Developer?

Technical Skills

Great Knowledge About Core Python-

A python developer is a professional who carries greater expertise in Core Python. 

  1. He/she should also have in-depth knowledge of Web Frameworks. 
  2. Creates Maps-As a python developer, he knows how to create object-relational mappers, data structures, and ORM libraries too. 
  3. Knows HTML5-He leads the technical team because he is well-versed with the knowledge about front end-technologies like HTML 5, CSS3, and JavaScript. 
  4. Thorough with Concepts of Oops-A python developer is often known as someone who thoroughly understands the concepts about OOps and file handling too. 
  5. Works in Variables and Data Types-A python-developer also works in controlling the version and in managing the variables and data types too. 
  6. Machine Learning and AI- He is fully thorough with the concepts of artificial intelligence and machine learning. 
  7. Python Iterators and Generators- A certified python-developer is classified as someone who is capable of handling exceptions and prefers deep-learning too.



Communication Skills 

  • Design Skills - A good python-developer is classified as someone who carries a great understanding of designs and servers.
  • Python Framework - Moreover, his expertise intends to be so great that he understands the python framework like Flask and Django to create beautiful websites. 
  • Avoids Communication Gap- As a python developer, he works in tandem to the technical as well as the business team.
  • Version Control- A python developer should change the source code that too multiple times and should trace the change. 
  • Handle All the Versions of Coding - A python developer is expected to sufficiently handle different versions of coding and track the changes in the codes

What are the career paths of the certified python developer?

  • Software Engineer- A certified python professional is an IT specialist who can design, develop, and deliver software applications. As a software engineer, he is also responsible for testing and maintaining software applications.  
  • Research Analyst- A certified python professional also works as the research analyst and is responsible for researching, analyzing, and interpreting data related to marketing, operations, finance, economics, and customers too. 
  • Data Analyst- The major job of the data analyst is to collect the data, analyze it before interpreting it, and turning them into insights that help companies to improve their business. 
  • Python Developer- A python developer is classified as an engineer who is proficient in web-development, web-designing, and building applications. A python developer is also responsible for automating tasks for easier development.
  • Data Scientist- A certified professional python developer is also classified as the data scientist who is highly capable of analyzing data and in building predictive machine learning models. A data scientist is capable of communicating and proposing solutions to business challenges that often come in their way. 

Know the exact Salaries of Python Developer

  • Software Engineer - After completion of the certificate program in python, one can easily get a hike of more than ten thousand dollars, as his salary can go beyond USD105,071 too. 
  • Research Analyst - A certified python programmer can also be someone who likes to research and write codes, owing to such great expertise, the overall salary of the research analyst is estimated to be around USD 68,268. 
  • Data Analyst - If the job role assigned to him is of a data scientist then his overall salary is determined to be around USD 68,996. His major chunk of work will include data mining and data extraction. 
  • Machine Learning Engineer - As a machine learning engineer he is capable of analyzing the data by bringing the machine learning tools in the production. His average salary is USD138,798

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Know how to learn python programming through certifications

  1. PCEP (Certified Entry-Level Programmer)
  2. PCAP (Certified Associate in Python Programming
  3. PCPP (Certified Professional in Python Programming)
  4. PCPP2 (Certified Professional in Python Programming) 
  5. Microsoft Python Certification Exam

The certification courses of Python are divided into Entry, Associate, and Professional levels. The certification courses such as PCEP gauges the candidate’s ability in accomplishing coding tasks that are essential in programming the python language, 

Three sets of things that a PCEP certification holder carries include-

  • Surplus knowledge related to the fundamental concepts of computer programming
  • Good understanding of the syntax and semantics of the Python programming language.
  • Good acquisition of skills that are required to resolve typical implementation challenges by using the Python Standard Library. 

These certification courses are regarded to be enough to let an individual gain the knowledge of all the fundamentals related to the Python programming language at the intermediate level. It allows the web-developer to explore it as a career avenue on the professional level. Thus, it can be said that these certification courses are best for an individual to begin his journey as a python programmer. 


In the quest to remain on the top of the technical field, one needs to understand the basic concepts as well as the technicalities originating from the sources of python programming. 

By enrolling in these certifications, one can easily stay ahead of the others and remain in the corporate world beyond the expected duration. 

The certificate courses of python are enough for anyone to become more analytical and hold the strength to create applications that run seamlessly well on Windows, Mac, and many other computer-platforms. 

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