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What is the Average Salary of a Python Developer in the USA?

Have you heard about Google’s self-driving car that doesn’t need any driver being driven? The logic behind is machine learning that is done by Python developer. Python is a web development programming platform that speaks HTML, CSS and JavaScript languages naturally. It’s not only about web development.

If you are interested in Data Science or Machine Learning, you can still opt for Python. Python is the programming language that is easy to learn and also pays you well. Python is already taking care of the paychecks of a developer. Awesome websites are built using Python, like Google, YouTube, Spotify, Instagram, Dropbox, Reddit, etc.

So, a career in Python is not a joke but is a very powerful language. In this blog, we’ll share the story of one of our students named Henry of becoming a Python Developer in the USA.

 the average salary trends of a Python developer in the USA

Let’s begin!

Story of being a Python Developer in the USA

We are going to share the story of one of our student Henry who is a Python Developer in the USA. In the year 2013, he came to Illinois for my master’s. He did his masters in transportation infrastructure and logistics. During the master’s, one of the electives was “Intelligent vehicles.” That was just a 3-credit elective. But that subject got the attention of Henry. He later decided to do his thesis in intelligent vehicles only. To get practical exposure, he decided to do a thesis through an internship in a company. The manager, on the first day, explained the project. The manager said, “Henry gonna have to build a control system for automated vehicles maneuvering in the intersection using a vehicle to vehicle communication. This project had to be built using Python.” Henry was from a non-IT background, which made him realize that he knows nothing about the project. The manager provided him the basic code that performs the simulation called USARSIM. The challenge for Henry was to extend the code to build a full-fledged control system. From that day, Henry started racking his mind on tutorials in every possible manner he can do. Obviously, he was looking for online tutorials as he doesn’t have the time to enroll for in-person classes.

After doing all the research in every possible manner Henry can do. Starting from the self-paced to master learning class, Henry successfully completed his training and completed his thesis in a lesser period of time. During his training, when he found himself on the track of Python, he started implementing the code in his way. Slowly he enriched features on his code, for example, having a control system, processing the sensor data from the simulation, socket for exchanging information between threads, etc. Then, after completing his training successfully, he built his project.

Initially in Illinois, he got the job as a Python developer in the transportation industry in which he was actually looking for the job with an average salary of $4,500 a month. Later on, he enrolled DBA course with us too. 

Starting with internships really helps if you are looking for a career in programming. Now, let’s move further to the numbers you can expect for a Python developer!

Average Salary of a Python Developer

As per Indeed, the average salary of a Python developer in the USA is $123,743 per annum.

The compensation of a Python developer in the USA is $120,000 every year or $61.54 every hour. Junior-level positions start at $62,739 every year while most experienced laborers make up to $195,000 every year.

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As per ZipRecruiter, the average yearly pay for a Python Developer in the United States is $113,462 per year. 

While ZipRecruiter is considering yearly to be as high as $166,000 and as low as $56,000, most of Python Developer compensations as of now extend between $93,500 (25th percentile) to $131,000 (75th percentile) over the United States. The normal compensation run for a Python Developer shifts pretty much nothing (about $37,500), which recommends that paying little respect to area, there are relatively few open doors for expanded compensation or headway, even with quite a long while of experience. 

average salary of a python developer

In view of ongoing employment postings, the individuals functioning as a Python Developer in your general vicinity are making by and large $113,462 every year or equivalent to the national normal yearly pay of $113,462. positions number 1 out of 50 states across the country for Python Developer compensations.

Salary trends of a Python Developer based upon experience

In most different occupations, there are three principle experience gatherings of Python developers – junior-level, mid-level, and senior-level. These gatherings have altogether different inspirations, assignments, duties and – at last – pay rates. This is the reason it's imperative to discuss the entirety of the gatherings before we start breaking down the compensation of a Python developer. When you become acquainted with the three fundamental gatherings, you'll have the option to see the purposes behind their disparities in pay. Let’s bounce into it! 

Entry-level Python Developers 

Same as most different employments out there, the entry-level Python developers are individuals who have quite recently entered the universe of programming and are attempting to discover their place in it. Most usually, these are two kinds of individuals: 

  • College graduates (or Junior or Senior year students) that have recently gotten their certificate and are effectively hoping to begin their career as Python developers. On the other hand, if we're discussing Junior or Senior year students, they may be searching for entry-level job to pick up college credit – spend a specific measure of hours working (rehearsing their abilities) in a genuine organization without accepting any real compensation as a Python developer. 
  • Individuals who have no formal advanced education in the field of Python, however, have taken online courses, guides or have learned Python in some other manner and need to attempt their luck in scoring a software engineer's activity. These individuals attempt to find a entry-level line of work with the goal that they could rehearse what they have realized and show their bosses that formal advanced education isn't important to win an extraordinary entry-level compensation as a Python developer.

Mid-level Python Developers 

Mid-level Python developers are those individuals who, as of now, have a few (possibly 1-3 years) involvement with the field of Python programming. They have, pretty much, effectively chose this is the professional way for them – all that is left to do presently is to demonstrate to both themselves and their bosses that they are spurred to learn and continue developing. Mid-level Python developers are usually given a portion of the more exploratory assignments inside an organization – these undertakings are intended to both help the individual improve their advancement abilities, and to perceive how well the person in question know the point. 

Senior-level Python Developers 

The third gathering – senior-level Python engineers – are among the most regarded veterans of the business. Senior programmers have committed their lives to the universe of IT programming – and it appears, both in their work behavior and their earning. 

Obviously, senior-level Python developers procure the most cash out of every one of the above gatherings. Their compensations are regularly referenced when individuals talk about exactly what amount can a software engineer gains. Remember – that is just one side of the coin! 

It's easy to talk about salary, however, we need to remember the sum (and quality!) of work that senior programmers are entrusted with. Notwithstanding them managing the most troublesome of errands, they are likewise regularly urged and appointed to show industry newcomers the entirety of the tropes. Having the greatest obligations in the group, it bodes well that their Python developer compensation would speak to it!

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  Yearly Monthly Weekly Daily Hourly
Junior-level $62,496 $5,208 $1,202 $240 $32.05
Mid-level $120,000 $10,000 $2,308 $462 $61.54
Senior-level $195,000 $16,250 $3,750 $750 $100

Salary trends of a Python Developer in different regions of the USA

In USA, New York and California have the high salaries of a Python developer. People in New York gets $122,135 and in California $121,443 per annum. 

Another intriguing thing is that California, New York, Massachusetts, and Virginia happen to have the biggest number of open Python positions in the US.

Massachusetts $141,375
New York $140,000
California $137,375
Illinois $130,000
New Jersey $121,550
Virginia $120,000
Georgia $120,000
Delaware $120,000
Texas $115,000
Arizona $115,000
Pennsylvania $115,000
Maryland $114,538
Washington $113,750
Kansas $108,206
North Carolina $107,250
Iowa $107,250
Vermont $105,000
Tennessee $105,000
Minnesota $105,000
Rhode Island $105,000
New Hampshire $105,000
Nevada $105,000
Montana $105,000
Wisconsin $105,000
Colorado $102,500
Kentucky $102,500
Utah $102,438
Connecticut $100,000
South Carolina $100,000
Oklahoma $97,500
Florida $95,000
North Dakota $93,700
Michigan $92,500
Alabama $90,000
Indiana $87,750
Missouri $87,750
Ohio $87,750
Oregon $86,375
Nebraska $85,000

Skill-wise salary of a Python Developer

Skill Average salary
Ruby US$114,600
Java US$112,017
Python US$110,021
Perl US$109,099
C++ US$105,716
JavaScript US$103,331
C# US$102,232
ASP.NET US$96,467
PHP US$96,231

Future scope of Python developer in the USA 

As per the exploration of, there are in any event 55,000 python employments in the USA with the most significant compensation.

With a wide range of programming dialects accessible, Python has enormously outraced different dialects. Career opportunities related to Python have additionally developed essentially as its prevalence has expanded by 40%. Numerous IT organizations are searching for more competitors with experience and abilities in Python programming. This has delineated the better career scope for the Python software engineers shortly.

Here is the rundown of the Job profiles for the Python developers: -

    • Python Developer 
    • Programming Engineer 
    • Senior Software Engineer 
    • Programming Developer 
    • DevOps Engineer 
    • Data Scientist 

An ongoing quest for new employment has appeared, more than 40,000 Python occupations were asked in the USA. Additionally, the Data on the Stack Overflow has demonstrated that the Python was the most visited tag crosswise over in the US and the UK. One of the significant explanations behind a decent profession open door is the mix of Python language and Data Science.

What is the average salary of a python developer in the USA

As per the analysis, the future of Python is bright! It has been already on the top of programming languages whether it is web applications or game applications. Various software engineers have expanded the utilization of Python programming and it is positively utilized around the world. Python developers would be the most demandable later on for IT ventures which makes Python future more brilliant.

Summarizing, you can use Python for-

  • Application development
  • Web application development
  • Game development
  • System administration
  • Data Science
  • Scientific computing, etc.

Do you want to gain a six-digit salary as a Python developer?

If you are “really good” and “really specific” then soon you can start making a 6-digit salary. Following are the factors that can affect the salary of a Python developer: -


Note that most necessities of the jobs incorporate Python knowledge as well as some JavaScript or C++ abilities, knowledge of frameworks (like Django), or experience with a specific industry. 

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Organization Size and Age 

Top organizations connecting with individuals qualified in Python incorporate Amazon, Apple, Oracle, Google, IBM, Microsoft, and so forth. As you see, those are worldwide enterprises that everyone might want to work for. 

As per O'reilly's yearly report on developers pay, enormous organizations pay higher wages to their representatives when contrasted with little and center organizations. The examination shows that this year littler organizations will in general lose pay traction (- 15% around). 

It is likewise investigated that organizations working over 20 years pay more than the individuals who work 2-5 and 6-10 years on showcase. Furthermore, it's somewhat astonishing that the organizations that have 11-20 years of experience pay not exactly the individuals who work 6-10 and 20+ years.


The pay of Python developers depends additionally on the industry wherein they work.

Gender orientation and Age of Coders 

Plenty of females with splendid personalities were associated with processing. Simply recall, Jean Bartik or Grace Hopper. They were the primary brainy ladies who committed their lives to software development. It's no occurrence that a great deal of female coders is right now working everywhere throughout the globe. Be that as it may, the rate is excessively low. Just 8% of ladies are occupied with software development work. They acquire around 10,000 not exactly male. 

The period of software engineers influences the volume of the pay. The report shows that individuals who are 40-50 years of age procure considerably more than the individuals who are more youthful than 30. 

We referenced that experience is one of the central point’s affecting wages. It is affirmed with the information displayed in the report. Specialists with 20 or more long stretches of experience jump by and large $120,000 per year through individuals occupied with IT for 5-8 years acquire around $75,000. It's twice less. 

To summarize it, the Python software engineer compensation depends enormously on the locale and work environment.

Summing up

Are you looking for a career in Python development and also want to see yourself working in Fortune-500? You can enroll yourself for Python training in JanBask and create a motivational story of yours like Henry, as explained above. 21% of Python developers are amassed in the US. With high normal compensations of a Python developer announced by different sources over the US, however, it won't be long until Python turns into a top decision for American designers. Become among them and get recognition as a certified Python developer with us! Happy earning!

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