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Difference Between Microsoft Dynamics and Salesforce CRM.

CRM is the most important thing on the must-have list of all the companies these days. Many times they are posed with the question, which CRM? We have tried to solve this dilemma for you by comparing the two leading CRM systems of the market, namely Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics. This is a comparison based on various facets such as naming convention, pricing, different features etc. the blog gives you the introduction to the two software and then go on comparing the two CRM software. The blog will compare the two CRM on the following aspects- Difference Between Microsoft Dynamics and Salesforce CRM. Concluding that it's the ideal time for your business, to execute a CRM is a major step. It's an energizing minute; you're on the cusp of revealing a device that will change the manner in which you work, and ideally, help take your business to the next dimension. With such a great amount of relying on settling on the correct decision, be that as it may, it can be an overwhelming time as well. With an abundance of CRM products to look over in the present market, it is obviously dubious to realize where to start your hunt from. salesforce Curriculum There are CRMs out there for each organization type, size, and specialty; in the event that you let your individual necessities advise your hunt, you ought to have the capacity to locate a decent counterpart for your conditions. But, if a comprehensive, built up seller is the thing you're pursuing, you should need to begin by taking a gander at market pioneers. The market pioneers are-

Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a client relationship management software bundle created by Microsoft concentrated on upgrading the client relationship for any association. This out of the box product, centers fundamentally around Sales, Marketing, and Customer Service segments, however, Microsoft has been promoting Dynamics CRM as an XRM platform and has been urging accomplices to utilize its exclusive (.NET based) system to redo it. As of late, it has likewise developed as an Analytics stage driven by CRM. 

Salesforce CRM

Salesforce is a cloud-based arrangement with contributions for Sales, Service, and Marketing. The AppExchange commercial center has in excess of 3,000 applications that coordinate with Salesforce so you can grow the product's usefulness and extra alternate arrangements you may need to maintain your business.

Comparison between Microsoft Dynamics and Salesforce

1). Naming Conventions

While, Inc. is the official organization name, the organization and product are presently both freely alluded to as "Salesforce".

Up until November 1, 2016, Microsoft Dynamics 365 was known as Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online. "CRM" no longer shows up in the brand or item names. What is regularly known as database "tables" are known as "entities" in Microsoft Dynamics 365 and as "objects" in Salesforce?

Salesforce reliably refers to a client's Salesforce account as an "org". Microsoft, by and large, alludes to a client's Microsoft Dynamics 365 record as an "organization".

These particular naming traditions will be utilized wherever they are suitable

2). Company Backgrounds, Inc.

Salesforce was established in 1999 by a former Oracle official Marc Benioff and opened up to the world in June 2004. was a pioneer in creating software as a service (SaaS) which is presently regularly referred to as cloud computing. The organization has expressed that it has more than 150,000 CRM clients., Inc. is exchanged on the NYSE under the symbol CRM.

Microsoft Corporation

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Microsoft was established in 1975 by Paul Allen and Bill Gates. Microsoft is best known for its Microsoft Windows working framework and the Microsoft Office suite of programming. An effective, albeit lesser realized product offering, is Microsoft SQL Server, which is utilized as the database back end for Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Microsoft has likewise created purchaser equipment items, for example, the Zune and Xbox. Microsoft has extended to the Web with items, for example, the Bing Search Engine. In 2012, Microsoft obtained Yammer, the designer of a prevalent undertaking cooperation use of a similar name. In 2016, Microsoft procured LinkedIn. In June of 2018, Microsoft reported the procurement of GitHub. Microsoft Corporation is exchanged on NASDAQ under the symbol MSFT. salesforce quiz

3). Data Centers and Status


Salesforce's administration is gathered in numerous, top-level worldwide server farms. Salesforce distributes its server farm security data on its site. Salesforce does not possess the server farms in which its clients are facilitated. As indicated by Salesforce, "We'll keep on working with an assortment of framework innovation merchants and accomplices over its very own server farms, just as new open cloud-based server farms, so as to convey the most ideal support of clients." does not have a freely available Service Level Agreement (SLA).

Microsoft Dynamics 365

Microsoft has a Trust Center site for Dynamics 365 and other product offerings. The site gives data on security, protection, consistency, straight forwardness, and server farm geographic locales. Microsoft has an SLA which characterizes "downtime". It likewise records rate administrations credits for a considerable length of time amid which accessibility falls underneath 99.9%. Microsoft has its own server farms in numerous nations.

4). Mobile Device Support


Salesforce cell phone platform is known as The Salesforce Mobile App. Salesforce distributes an application for iOS and one for Android. Utilizing the Salesforce Mobile Platform, Salesforce applications can be assembled and altered and after that conveyed to the cell phones.

Microsoft Dynamics 365

offers two iOS and Android applications. The mobile application can be designed to show explicit structures, fields, and elements, including custom substances.

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5). Third Party Ecosystem

Every now and then, business necessities drive the requirement for usefulness that is just offered by outsiders. Both Microsoft and Salesforce take into account running outsider applications locally on their APIs.


Salesforce deals with its very own outsider application site, the AppExchange. The AppExchange likewise has applications from's inside, Salesforce Labs. All applications must be ensured and pass an intermittent security check. All AppExchange applications are introduced with a similar succession of snaps. A portion of the applications are free and some are paid. Not all applications are good with all releases of Salesforce. For instance, numerous applications require Lightning Professional or higher.

Microsoft Dynamics 365

Microsoft's exchange is called AppSource. This site traverses distinctive Microsoft product offerings including Dynamics 365, Power BI, Office 365 and Azure. Microsoft additionally has an interior application advancement group like Salesforce Labs.

6). Sales & Delivery Channels

For associations that are thinking about the two sellers, the manner in which every product is sold factors into close-up assessment and purchasing process.


Salesforce is sold specifically by means of a group of Account Executives and individuals in other named sales jobs. Record Executives ordinarily collaborate with a Salesforce accomplice when usage administrations are asked for by a prospect. Salesforce accomplices don't get a commission on license sales notwithstanding the arrangements that they source.

Microsoft Dynamics 365

Contingent upon the size of the organization, another client will either be coordinated to an inside sales rep or a devoted new client asset as the principal purpose of contact. Within sales rep gets a Microsoft accomplice required with potential arrangements that represent over a basic yearly membership income. A Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider that is brought into an arrangement by an inside sales rep or who starts an arrangement, gets an edge on the deal. Microsoft offers one dimension of edge for the primary year membership income and a lesser edge for consequent years' membership income. free salesforce demo

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7). Variable Screen Layouts

At a few associations, not all clients should see a similar arrangement of fields or have a similar arrangement of decisions when altering a given record. Variable screen designs take into consideration improving and confining formats on a per role or even for each client basis.


In Lightning Enterprise and higher, there can be variable screen designs per client, dependent on the format that is appointed to that client's profile for a given product. Different Record Types can likewise be made for items. A Record Type can be related to particular screen design and it can likewise manage which picklist esteems are accessible in specific fields or which Sales Process clients need to follow on account of Opportunities. The Record Type for a record is naturally authorized or is client selectable at the season of record creation. Contingent upon authorizations, the Record Type can be changed after a record has been made.

Microsoft Dynamics 365

Microsoft Dynamics 365 takes into consideration variable screen designs by the client. Distinctive clients can see diverse arrangements of fields in a record, as directed by clients' functional jobs inside an organization, for instance. There can likewise be distinctive screen records dependent on the sort of record.


Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM are both leading CRM frameworks that offer a comparable exhibit of highlights at a very comparable cost. The product you pick will rely upon the requirements of your explicit business needs. You have a very clear picture before you now. Choose wisely!

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