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Salesforce Development | Importance of Learning Salesforce Development in 2023


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Salesforce is the most demanding tool in the current technological world therefore, one must know using it properly. Hence, it is important to find effective and authentic methods to learn salesforce development irrespective of the fact whether you are a fresher or experienced in this field. Since there are so many training materials and references available in the market, we get confused between what is right and what is not. Also the learning pattern and budget vary from person to person. However, some learning methods are considered good for almost everyone. In this post. You will find what are the correct ways of learning Salesforce development and how it is important for you.

Salesforce Development Training is a certification that teaches you how to program a salesforce application with a programming language known as Apex, which is too similar to Java to create the software backend and the visual force to create the front end of the software.

This means any business need can’t be done with simple built-in features; the developer will code that particular requirement. If you want to be a salesforce developer then knowing this skill may let you get an average salary of $95,423. It is considered to be one of the best and highest paid jobs in IT or software development in usual.

There are multiple salesforce online training courses available for you where you can register yourself and start learning Salesforce development.

Basic Aspects of Salesforce Development that you Should Know:

A few basic aspects of Salesforce development are:

  • Back-end development

For server-side development, some salesforce app developers use apex which is considered to be a strongly typed object-oriented programming language with a syntax that is similar to Java. Apex code is stored in the format of classes and triggers. Remember, Salesforce has its own data management language SOQL, which is SQL.
Moreover, the salesforce platform has some particularities that developers require to take into account. To deploy Apex code, it is necessary to have a coverage of at least 75%. The platform has limits for developers on performing various operations.

  • Front-end development

UI in Salesforce can be created utilizing the visualforce frameworks, which is an older framework, including a tag-based markup language and a set of controllers. Well, on the other hand, it is a modern framework that allows you to create a more interactive UI. The framework comprises Aura Components, a Salesforce proprietary programming model, and lightning web components. Also, Javascript is based on alternatives to Aura.

Importance of Learning Salesforce

Many people think that why is Salesforce so popular and what is the need for learning it? Salesforce entered the market as a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) organization providing the best Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Solutions. Nowadays the company is also providing other organizations the Salesforce Platform as Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) so that they can develop and deploy their applications without taking the pain of infrastructural management.

learn salesforce development

In terms of cost, Salesforce is slightly high as compared to other CRMs but it provides the best User Interface too. It is the world’s best CRM and offers companies an extensive range of software applications to gain more leads and boost sales. In addition to it, Salesforce has shown tremendous growth in the marketing, support and analytics division of a company too. Various big brands are using this solution as it is secured and offers various app services.

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Is Salesforce Worth Learning?

Being professionals we would say that learning salesforce is critical if you plan on working in a CRM environment. As a way, Salesforce’'s structure is similar to competing platforms, which is why learning Salesforce can be accredited outside its walls once you understand its functionality.
Based on the IDC report 2017, “Salesforce Economy” will create over three million jobs in the upcoming year.
In case the specific prediction fails then it's clear that Salesforce is going to continue to generate job activity for quite some time to come, especially for the companies who opt for cloud applications.

What Are The Best and Easy Ways to Learn Salesforce?

You can join JanBask Training to easily learn as the professionals here help you understand every detail related to Salesforce development. Moreover, you can also join JanBask in case you desire to land on any of the Salesforce certifications.

Before the pandemic, we used to provide actual in-person Salesforce training but due to COVID, we are serving our students online classes along with recorded classes sessions for the students who have missed their classes.

How to learn Salesforce Development?

People from various backgrounds join the programming world. Some have started coding as their passion, some started by getting inspired by their developer friends and some joined the online courses & chose it as a career. The rapid development in the IT industry has increased the demand for developers. Salesforce development is the hottest designation in the market and adding more numbers to developer jobs. Salesforce is the world’s best Customer Relationship Management(CRM) system. Let me share the top tricks to learn Salesforce development.

Knowledge of Basic Programming

To start a career as a Salesforce developer, you must have an understanding of basic programming languages, especially Java. Now you might be thinking how Java is connected to Salesforce development, isn’t it? Java is a widely-used programming language for various platforms and operating systems – Linux, Mac OS, and Windows due to its quality of ‘write once, run everywhere. Use Java to start Salesforce Programming by using the coding language of Salesforce – Apex & Visualforce. Now again the question is the same, why is Java important? The only reason is since Apex is almost similar to Java in style and syntax. Therefore, if you know Java programming, you can easily code in Apex and Visualforce.

You can learn Java in numerous ways and one of them is to join a course and get training from an experienced one. You can also join some free online courses too which take a week or two depending on the level you have started from. You can join a community too to learn Java and do some real-time projects.

Start with Trailhead

Trailhead is the best source for learning Salesforces, it is a free website of Salesforce. Here you can collect points to trail upwards in various Trailblazer Ranks. Trailhead is a great place to improve theoretical knowledge but this information is very helpful to start a career in Salesforce development too. You will get enough information on Trailhead to prepare for a course and get qualified for certification. You will have to spend a lot of time in Trailhead since it is full of theory hence you will keep on reading and get nothing to practice. There are three major sections in Trailhead – Beginner Level, Intermediate Level, and Advanced Level. So, after signing up for Trailblazer, you need to first start with the beginner version. Now when you are into Trailhead, the next big question is how to proceed further to get qualified for Salesforce developer certification?

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Get Enrolled for a Salesforce Development Course

You have already come along the right path if followed by the above steps. After following the earlier steps, you need to jump onto the next level i.e. get certification in Salesforce Development. There are two major certifications for a beginner in Salesforce development – Salesforce Certified Platform App Builder and Platform Developer 1.

Joining a certification course to enhance Salesforce skills is always the right decision as all these courses are conducted by a Salesforce-certified professional who will help you understand everything in the course properly. All the required training material would be given to you, it includes a sandbox tool with all exercises to practice you in the real-time scenario. Developers deal with such cases daily. Another plus point of joining a course will be you will get all the latest information that may help you in gaining the Salesforce developer certification.

You might have confusion here to choose the one out of these two courses. If your objective is to work on a technical profile in a company, I would suggest you start with Platform App Builder. If you have zero or very little programming experience then also, my recommendation will be Platform App Builder Certification. Platform Developer 1 is a great choice for candidates having prior knowledge of coding.

Online Training for Salesforce

You may join JanBask Training, a leading online training provider. They have the best Salesforce online training program as a variety of courses are available here, you can choose and improve your Salesforce skills

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3 Reasons why you Should Consider Learning Salesforce Development

  • You don’t like to create from scratch - Lightning Platform has multiple ready-made units for salesforce development, which remarkably simplifies the job of a developer.
  • You like to pitch into a customer’s business - Salesforce development requires exploring a customer’s business processes for which you should have an understanding that your customer's business will be a part of your job duties and will also impact your career growth as well.
  • You like both back-end and front-end development - Being a Salesforce app developer you are required to work on both the server side and create user interfaces for the  clients.

5 Necessary Concepts For Every New Salesforce Developer To Learn

We all might have understood the increasing demand of Salesforce Developers all over the world and it's no surprise considering the salesforce economy is enhancing at such a crazy and high rate!
Salesforce development is a hot topic which require skills and you can expect a higher salary than equivalent developer rules in other industries as well.

Here we have mentioned some important concepts that you should learn such as:

1. Basic and Advanced Concept of Apex

Apex is considered to be one of the oldest and single most powerful backend languages that is mandatory in the Salesforce platform. In case you want to be a good developer then you must learn the basics of Apex, its data types, and collection, including the Map.

Moreover, apex trigger is considered to be one of the most used automotive tools that a Salesforce developer should know how to write. As, it is necessary to understand the trigger framework, code optimization, plus an understanding of Dynamic Apex and Asynchronous Apex which will serve you with the skills required in Database Transaction and Backend Development.

2. Learn and Master in Lightning Web Components

Lightning Web Components (LWC) is considered to be the first open-source Javascript framework from Salesforce which includes great features and is built on open web standards.

According to JanBask Professionals:

Due to Salesforce open web standard quality, it is now very obvious to any other front-end JS framework, like Angular JS or React JS. This means that if you are an Aura component developer, you can learn to utilize Lightning Web Components (LWC) efficiently.
LWC and Aura can be used side by side but LWC is faster and lighter in weight than Aura. They both can send and receive data through Lightning Data Service (LDS) and the User Interface API.

3. Learn Salesforce declarative features to attain your desired goals

Top developers are able to use Salesforce powerful features before utilizing the code. Salesforce includes impressive standard features and automation tools like Flow, multiple requests and problems can be resolved efficiently without deranging the Governor limits of Salesforce.

 Learn Salesforce declarative features

4. You should Learn to work with Large Data Sets

You can be an expert Developer after learning logical skills, but in Salesforce governor limits conquer everything. Sometimes your queries will stop working because of the large data size.  You should require to learn the following from JanBask:

  • How can you use indexing for SOQL optimization?
  • Development in large data set
  • How and When to use Big data objects for perfect results?
  • Why do you require batches?
  • Choosing the best integration technique
    earning logical skills

5. Learn the basic concept of Security and Sharing of Salesforce

Salesforce comprises a powerful security model, however, due to its customization ability using code in Apex or LWC, a minor mistake can by chance display sensitive data to the wrong user. This can become a serious issue.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question: What is the best way to learn salesforce development in the shortest possible time?

Answer: The best way to learn Salesforce development in the shortest possible time is to register yourself with our tutorial classes.

Question: Where can I get a guide related to how to learn salesforce for beginners?

Answer: You can easily get a Salesforce Development overall course guide at our official website, JanBask.

Question: How to learn salesforce development step by step?

Answer: There are two ways to learn Salesforce development like, you can join any offline classes institute or else can join Salesforce development course at JanBask Training.

Question: What are the prerequisites to learn salesforce development? 

Answer: When it comes to learning Salesforce as a developer or as an administrator, there are no actual prerequisites. However, there are ideal skills or experiences that will help you smoothly transition to becoming a Salesforce developer.

Question: How to learn salesforce development from scratch?

Answer: You can join any training center like JanBask to get an online/Offline Salesforce development course from scratch.

Question: How to practice salesforce development?

Answer: You can follow the below-mentioned steps to practice salesforce development such as:

Step 1: You can watch helpful videos on Youtube for introduction

Step 2: Start with the salesforce development basics

Step 3: Join JanBask Training for online/offline salesforce development course

Step 4: Apply and try to pass the platform developer

Question: Is salesforce development easy to learn?

Answer: Yes, learning salesforce development is not rocket science. And our professionals ensure that every concept is easy to understand for you.

Question: How can I learn salesforce development online?

Answer: You can register yourself at JanBask Training to learn Salesforce development online within a specific period of time.

Question: How long will it take to learn salesforce development?

Answer: Well, as per JanBask training sessions, it may take three to four months to learn Salesforce admin skills efficiently.


n addition to the above resources, there are numerous other options too that you might refer to learn Salesforce development. But, as mentioned earlier, there is no shortage of training material and it is completely up to you what you chose to learn from. In this post, I have tried to curate all the important references that you can use in learning Salesforce development

Remember, 2022 is all about creating new opportunities and retrieving the lost confidence of the year gone by. Moreover, learning Salesforce will make you well-versed with one of the most valuable CRM platforms that has helped multiple organizations save time and money while dealing with complicated customer database.

Learning Saesforce development is not rocket science as a single Google search will serve you with a number of training resources to choose from. However, you can anytime join JanBask Training for Salesforce developer training and start your Salesforce career.

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