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Outshine Your Career With Great Computer Science Jobs!!


If you are planning to major in computer science, you probably want to explore what can you do with a computer science degree? And are computer science jobs in demand? How secure will your career be?...and many more related to employment, stability, and salary.

So today in this computer science jobs guide we are going to help you with information related to computer science degree jobs. What are good jobs in computer science? how stable your career would be, and how much you would probably be going to make after gaining a science degree.

Are computer science jobs in demand?

Absolutely. The U.S. The Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) projected that jobs for experts in computer science to grow significantly from 2019 to 2029. Depending on the career, these computer science jobs are projected to grow 8-31%.

Today the world is moving around computer science technologies. If you’ve studied computer science, you have ingrained the seed of a successful career. Employers these days seek professionals with many technical and non-technical skills which are highly demanded by the industry. 

What Can You Do with a Computer Science degree?

Many industries rely on computer science majors,  after gaining a Computer Science degree you are open to the best tech jobs across different industries including  Information technology, government, healthcare, and the communications sector.

Let's see what jobs can you get with a computer science degree...

List Of Top Computer Science Jobs That You Can Go For

Due to lack of awareness, people often consider that computer science jobs are limited to software engineers that have been programming all day- though that profession is also reaching new heights. There are various career paths students can take with their computer science degrees.

  1. Software Engineer
  2. QA/Test Engineer
  3. Database Administrator
  4. IP Technology Specialist
  5. Cybersecurity Analyst
  6. Data scientist
  7. Business analyst
  8. Cloud computing engineer
  9. Information technology specialist/ IT Consultant/ IT Project Manager
  10. Research and development (R&D) scientist
  11. Artificial intelligence and machine learning engineer

1. Software Engineer

Software engineers are computer science professionals who use knowledge of engineering principles and programming languages to build software applications, develop computer games, and run network control systems.

Software engineering is typically broken up into several different kinds of roles. 

Front-end developers work on visual aspects, managing everything that users visually see first in their browser or application.

Back-end developers work on the non-visual aspects of a program like building the structure of a software application, data storage. 

Full-stack developers are computer science professionals who are proficient in both front-end development and back-end coding. 

If you love to play with codes and are familiar with coding, then software engineering is one of the best computer science jobs for you.

  • Average salary: $119,797  per year.
  • Projected employment growth rate: 22%

2. QA/Test Engineer

QA (quality assurance), or test engineers, responsible for the creation of tests to identify issues with software before the product launch. Their main goal is to prevent defects and ensure that software does what the developers intended. They need strong programming skills as software engineers, but rather than writing new pieces of code, their primary objective is to check the code written by developers for errors and defects —to ensure that software does what the developers intended. 

If you can break the code, have a great logical ability to debug then this might be the perfect role for you.

  • Average Salary: $96,790 per year.
  • Projected employment growth rate: 22%

3. Database Administrator

Database administrator, often called DBAs, makes sure an organization's database and its related applications operate efficiently and are responsible for directing or performing all activities related to maintaining a successful database environment. Since the bigger companies get and the more they rely on data and applications, the more critical the role of the DBA becomes. Database Administrator computer science jobs demand is not going to be down soon.

If you are a well-organized person with great patience and possess a great ability to prioritize tasks with problem-solving organization skills, database administration might be the right computer science job for you.

  • Average salary: $120,880 per year
  • Projected employment growth rate: 8%

4. IP Technology Specialist

Intellectual property (IP) specialists work with patent lawyers for clients who are concerned with protecting their intellectual properties. Before any products (creations or inventions, related to music, literature, books, product names, and other artistic works) make it out into the real world, inventors apply for getting patents rights to ensure no other competitors can copy their product for a set period. IP technology specialists are the ones who serve as subject matter experts at law firms to write patent applications for their clients.

If you are a technology lover, love to explore advanced technologies, and intellectual property (IP) career could be a good choice for you. This is one of the best and different jobs with a computer science degree

  • Average salary: $74,520 per year
  • Projected employment growth rate: 10%

5. Cybersecurity Analyst

Cybersecurity analysts are responsible for protecting company hardware, software, and networks from cybercriminals. The cybersecurity analyst's primary role is to understand company IT infrastructure, evaluate threats that could potentially breach the organization’s network. They plan and implement security measures for a company’s network to keep its data safe. They work to prevent the IT infrastructure of an organization from all kinds of cyberattacks, data theft through ongoing monitoring, encryption efforts, and security assessments such as vulnerability testing, risk analysis and strive to maintain a highly secure web environment.

This computer science job is best for individuals with great critical thinking, business analysis skills, and a “passion for service. So if you are the one with master analytical thinking and problem-solving ability, this is one of the best computer science jobs that you can go for.

  • Average salary: $103,590 per year.
  • Projected employment growth rate: 33%

6. Data scientist

Data scientists are the analytical experts who, gathering and analyze large sets of structured and unstructured data, explain the phenomena around them, and help organizations make better decisions.  They analyze, process, and model data then interpret the results by combining computer science, statistics, and mathematics to create actionable plans for companies and other organizations. 

If we talk about job availability, Indeed estimated that hiring in the data science industry has increased by 46%.  Yet, around 93,000 jobs in Data Science were vacant at the end of September 2021 in the US.

  • Average salary: $100,560 per year
  • objected employment growth rate: 46%

7. Business analyst

Business analysts are professionals who analyze business requirements and document the market environment, processes, or systems of businesses. They help businesses improve their business processes, products, services, and software through a 360 approach to data analysis and software.

If you are the one with great analytical problem-solving capabilities, Interpersonal and consultative skills, oral and written communication proficiency with creativity, this will be the right choice for you to choose as a career.

  • Average salary: $108,058 per year.
  • Projected employment growth rate: 14 %

8. Cloud Engineers

Cloud engineers are IT professionals who work with the technicalities that come with the ever-increasing cloud platforms. They are responsible for assessing the existing infrastructure of a business, planning, managing, designing, monitoring cloud systems, deployment of cloud applications, and researching the best cloud-based solutions for businesses.

If you are tech-savvy by nature and want to grow your career with cloud technologies AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud Platform (GCP) with a great technical thinking approach, cloud engineering is one of the best computer science jobs that you can do.

  • Average salary: $131,409 per year
  • Projected employment growth rate: 55 %

9.Information System Manager/ IT Consultant

Information systems managers, or IT managers, are responsible for the secure and effective operation of computer systems,  related applications, hardware, and software within their company. As an IT manager, you’ll be responsible for the entire upkeep of the ICT infrastructure within your organization, and assist companies in integrating technology into their daily operations. IT Managers also contribute to making business plans, ensuring secure company networks, and managing safe internet operations.

If you are good at technicalities and have sound knowledge of IT project management skills, this one is the best answer to your question “What can I do with a computer science degree?”.

  • Average salary: ₹925,653 per year
  • Projected employment growth rate: 14 %

10. Research and Development (R&D) Scientist

A research and development scientist specializes in conducting scientific studies and experiments for in-depth analysis to develop new products and technologies. They are responsible for conducting laboratory-based experiments and trials, reviews, and assessments to ensure products adhere to safety standards and regulations. You can find them in a variety of different fields including Information Technology, medicine, political science, computer science, and environmental science.

If you are a strong analytical thinker with a great ability to handle large datasets and perform high-level data analysis, willing to grow your career as an R & D Scientist, this is one of the best reputed & highly paid computer science jobs.

  • Average salary: $92,905 per year
  • Projected employment growth rate: 42%

11. Artificial intelligence and machine learning engineer

Machine learning engineers are professionals with a strong grip on AI concepts focused on researching, building, and designing self-running artificial intelligence (AI) systems to automate predictive models. They go beyond specifically programming machines to perform specific tasks and create programs that will enable machines to take actions without being specifically directed to perform those tasks.

If you love advanced technology and are highly compatible with programming languages such as Python, SQL, and Java; data modeling; proficiency in mathematics, probability, and statistics, then this could be one of the best jobs with a computer science degree.

  • Average salary: $112,837 per year.
  • Projected employment growth rate: 75%

Additional Jobs where your CS degree would be useful :

There are a few additional computer science degree jobs that you can grow with:

  • IT sales professional
  • IT trainer
  • Nanotechnologist
  • Network engineer
  • Supply chain manager
  • Telecommunications researcher

Want to explore how to start any of these jobs with a computer science degree, feel free to reach our consultant.

What should your CV look like when you go for such jobs?

Since we are trying to answer your question “what can I do with a computer science degree” and talking about computer science degree jobs, how could we forget- What should your CV look like or What are the right skills to make your CV more job grabbing?

Even after being the desired candidate with all the required skill sets, a small mistake can get your resume rejected. So, first of all, you have to follow the standard for making resumes for computer science jobs. One of the major reasons for any resume to get rejected is the lack of the right skills required for that particular job profile.

Next, we are going to discuss the right skills to mention on your CV while applying for computer science jobs

Top Skills To Mention On Your CV For Computer Science Jobs

Computing degrees combine theoretical study and practical projects.  Different computer science jobs require different skills so the best way to add the right and desired skills to your resume is, go through the job description, where employers highlight a bunch of skills and strive to find the perfect candidate. If you include them in your resume, your resume will not get rejected because of your skills.

Depends On Job Profile Requirement You Can Add:

  • Programming Languages Skills
  • Hardware Architecture & Construction Skills
  • Network Design and Engineering Skills
  • Software Engineering Skills
  • Database Administration Skills
  • Mobile Computing Skills
  • Multimedia Design Skills
  • Software Tools Skills.

Soft Skills That You Can Add to Your Skills:

  • Teamwork and Leadership
  • Communication
  • Listening 
  • Problem-solving
  • Negotiation Skills
  • Time management 
  • Report writing
  • Commercial awareness
  • And more (depends on niche)

salary table

Now, let's see the potential sectors where you get more computer science degree jobs.

Sectors Where You Can Find Computer Science Degree Jobs?

Professionals with computer science degrees possess technical skills with great problem-solving and critical thinking ability. Typical employers for computer science degree holders are IT consultancies and IT, service providers. However, as most businesses rely on technology and digitalization to function effectively. 

Majorly computer science degree jobs found within the IT departments of major organizations of industries such as:

  • Defense & Aerospace
  • Financial services
  • Healthcare
  • Manufacturing
  • Retail
  • Telecommunications

Career Outlook & Salary Potential in Computer Science Jobs

Computer science careers are expected to grow substantially in the upcoming years. While others may have to worry about their job security, those in computer science-related careers can rest relatively easily. The number of computer science jobs is growing much faster than other options, obtaining a computer science degree will open the door to high-paying careers: 

Let’s see some computer science graduates’ salaries in different IT majors.

 Computer Science Career Outlook & Salaries

Computer Science Jobs

Average Annual Salary

Projected Growth Rate from 2020 to 2030

Software Engineer



QA/Test Engineer



Database Administrator


8 %

IP Technology Specialist



Cybersecurity Analyst



Data scientist



Business analyst



Cloud Engineers



IT Consultant



Research and Development (R&D) Scientist



Artificial intelligence and machine learning engineer



Let’s see some great tips to land on computer science degree jobs fast!

Tips to Grow Your Career With Computer Science Jobs

  1. Choose a computer degree as per employability 
  2. Complete internship as part of your studies
  3. Get specialization course & Certification
  4.  Keep updating yourself & practicing your skills
  5. Actively seek opportunities
  6.  Be social, grow your network, join communities

FAQ’s On Computer Science Jobs

Q1. Do computer science Jobs pay well?

Ans:-Computer science jobs salaries are some of the highest post-graduation salaries around, which increases with each degree level attained.

Q2. Is a computer science degree enough to get a job?

Ans:-Yes, the IT industry is struggling with a lack of deserving talent, organizational operations heavily rely on  CS professionals so the number of computer science jobs is gradually increasing day by day.

Q3. What are the highest-paid jobs in computer science?


  • IT consultant. 
  • Cyber Security consultant. 
  • Information systems manager. 
  • Database administrator. 
  • Multimedia programmer. 
  • Systems analyst. 
  • Games developer. 
  • Technical writer.

Final Thoughts On Computer Science Jobs

As jobs in computer science grow year to year, computer science degrees can lead to lucrative careers that will remain in high demand with a unique competitive advantage and ample opportunities for career advancement in this field.

So, have you got the answer to your question “what jobs can you get with a computer science degree”, Industries like tech, healthcare, finance, retail, and education offer very good computer science jobs that you love.  Most jobs in computer science careers don’t require additional education beyond your bachelor’s degree and many will train you in the specialized knowledge you need.

One thing is very clear, Computer science degrees ensure a successful career.

After completing your computer science degree, gaining accredited professional training will sharpen your professional skills and help you land a good job fast.

So, what are you waiting for, go ahead to your dream goal!

Still, any doubt left about- what can you do with a computer science degree?  Feel free to comment below!

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