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How to Prepare AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate Certification Exam?

Everyone is quite aware of the fact that the cloud is the future of the technical world. One needs to be quite dynamic and tuned with the latest tools and technologies to follow the latest trends. Not being aware of the latest technology and tool may make you out of the trend. Today cloud services and AWS certification is getting much popular and therefore everyone is trying to make a career in the cloud.

So today in this post we would discuss the AWS certification and then the certification exam and some of the helpful resources that would help you in getting the certificate.

Introduction to AWS Solution Architect Exam

AWS certification has two categories - one is for solution architect professionals and other for DevOps professionals. Both the certification categories are further sub-divided in two sub-categories, among them one is for Associate level and the other is for Professional level. To become a professional you will have to first clear the associate level certification exam.

AWS Solution architect is one of the highest paying and promising profiles. It is assumed to be a good foundation for other AWS certifications as well and is mainly linked with architecture rather than implementation.

AWS Curriculum

Why Get an AWS Certification?

Certifications have always been a controversial topic in IT. Some experts consider it valuable that can help in making you eligible for the market; while other says that they can have a negative impact (the employer may think that you do not have enough practical experience). Regardless of your choice, it has been noticed that certifications have always had a positive effect throughout the career of an IT professional and have helped them in proving their skills. Well, below-listed reasons may also be the reasons for this:

A). AWS-A Gold Standard of Cloud

According to Gartner, Amazon’s cloud is one of the largest and potential clouds. For all the IT professionals including database admin, IoT developer, Big Data analyst, AI developer and system administrators, Amazon platform offers many advantages and easier solutions. Amazon services can cover almost all the aspects of IT services. Amazon is continuously releasing new innovative and required additional services for IT, therefore getting AWS certification may be helpful for IT professionals.

B). AWS Certifications are Feasible

Unlike other cloud certifications, Amazon’s certification is quite easier and does not require specialized training. It does not mean that the exam is very easy, you need to effectively yourself for the exam. You need to get familiar with the AWS core services and core systems to get an associate level certification. For any certification exam, you need clear the Solution Architect associate level exam and then you can apply for any of the available exams.

  • AWS is Highly Paid and Most in-Demand Skill

As per Forbes AWS, certified professionals are the highest paid ones.

Solution Architect Exam Details

AWS solution architect exam takes place on any of their testing centers. The exam consists of 60 questions (multiple choices). The minimum passing marks for the exam is 65%, so anyone who wants to take the exam must enroll for the exam as per his choice.

As far as questions are concerned, then most of the questions have only one answer and one gets sufficient time to solve the questions. Most of the exam questions are real-time scenario based to test the practical knowledge of the candidate. The exam has below-listed four sections:

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  • Designing fault tolerant, cost-efficient, scalable and highly available systems (60%)
  • Deployment/Implementation (10%)
  • Data Security (20%)
  • Troubleshooting (10%)

AWS Quiz

The first section of the exam is mandatory and most of the questions are about building a modern cloud-based system by using AWS. Here the questions are based on real-world scenarios, just to introduce a real problem and find a reasonable solution for that.

Deployment/Implementation and troubleshooting are the easiest questions. Here the questions are asked about the AWS basic facts which you may be already aware of.

Data Security questions are the most difficult ones and the candidates must have a good understanding of the security processes that are mostly described in white papers. AWS has also provided exam blueprint through that one can get the complete exam overview to know its pattern and questions. You can access the exam blueprint from the AWS website, through that, you can know the question patterns and types.

5 Resources for AWS Solution Architect Exam

In order to clear or pass any certification exam, you must have access to sufficient and valuable resources. There are a number of links available for exam resources, but choosing the right and appropriate resource can save your time and effort. Systematic plan ad exam preparation can help in passing the exam in less time. Here the complete list of possible and beneficial resources is provided so that you can follow them and get your dream certification.

Resources for AWS Exam

1). Sample Questions

AWS website has several sample questions, go through these sample questions to get the idea of exam questions. You may get a general idea of the exam questions here.

2). Whitepapers

AWS site also has many white papers that may be important for the exam. Security process related whitepapers are a must-read. One other whitepaper for this exam is of storage option in AWS cloud that provides pattern and anti-pattern for any storage service on AWS.

3). FAQ

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Exam FAQs can be found on the official exam website of AWS. You can check the link to know the answers of all possible questions for the exam. If you are taking the exam for the first time then you may go through the exam FAQ section to know the answers.

4). Documentation

AWS service documentation is present on the web, some of them you might have read, but still may be not clear. So, for any of the exam topic just read the service documentation carefully so that you can know better about the service.

5). Practice or Mock Exam

As most of the exam questions are real-time scenario-based, it means you should do the hands-on practice of scenario-based questions to pass the exam. As, AWS users do not use every AWS service regularly, so they can take the help of any online or offline learning resources to know about the available and offered AWS services.

AWS Demo Class

Learning Path for AWS Solution Architect Exam

Here are some of the tips for the exam that may help you with your exam preparation:

Learning Path for AWS Exam

I). Book the Exam Slot

To give the certification exam you will have to book your slot in advance, you should give enough time for this. As you have to prepare for the exam, so you need some time to make yourself ready for the exam. Exam deadline will boost your preparation and can be a motivational factor for the preparation.

II). Find a Co-Buddy

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Having a friend with the same goal will be good for your preparation. Either you may contact any of your friend who has recently cleared the exam or look for any colleague or friend who also has the same goal. In this way, you will not only get additional study resources but also will remain motivated and get an equally competitive environment for the exam preparation.

III). Prepare Theory and Practical

AWS exam does not have only theoretical questions, instead, there are plenty of practice questions too. By enough practical preparation, you can get hands-on experience of the concepts.

IV). Don’t Expect Same Questions as of Sample Paper

While preparing for the exam, you will go through a number of questions, but do not expect that you will get the same set of questions on the exam. But still, you should go through sample questions over and over again so that you can get the real benefit of the exam preparation.

V). Skip Around the Questions

It is recommended to submit the answers of only those questions for which you are sure. Leave or skip the difficult questions in the first time, and try to solve easy questions as many as possible. Later you can solve the difficult ones.

Wrapping it up!

If you are also planning to go for an AWS Solution Architect exam either for associate or professional level, then first you need to work on your exam preparation strategy. By following a well-planned study and progress plan you can easily get the desired certification in your first attempt itself.

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