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13 Must Know Benefits of AWS Certification (2024 Updated)


Did you know that Netflix, AWS's major consumer, accounts for up to one-third of peak internet traffic? Now, you may be wondering if that is an exception case. But what if we told you that nearly half the world's cloud infrastructure is built on AWS? Yes, you heard that right! 

benefits of aws

The rising demand for AWS has made aspirants look for promising careers in the field of AWS. The most important factor to kick start or scale up your career in the field of AWS is to certify your skills through a professional AWS Certification training course. In this blog, we will explore the 13 benefits of AWS certification and how it can be a game changer for you. 

First and Foremost: What is AWS Certification?

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a global leader in cloud computing, changing how companies use technology to drive innovation and achieve scale. AWS offers a full range of cloud services, from computing power, storage, and databases to machine learning, analytics, and more. 

Across 245 countries and territories, AWS is the No. 1 choice for business, startup, and government clients everywhere. 

AWS leads the cloud infrastructure space by roughly 1:5 with its next 14 competitors combined. In fact, according to the Global consulting and research firm Gartner Inc., AWS has an impressive 45% market share in the Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) sector. Microsoft, Alibaba, Google, and Tencent are all strong challengers, giving AWS a tough time, but despite this, AWS benefits continue to lead at the forefront.

As part of its commitment to provide maximum value for its customers, AWS continually works to make the cloud more accessible and affordable. In fact, AWS has lowered its prices 107 times across all its services since 2006. Even with these price cuts, AWS's revenues for the entire Amazon group topped $62 billion last year. This enviable financial performance underscores users' deep trust vested in AWS worldwide.

AWS's infrastructure is genuinely global, serving tens of thousands of businesses with the benefits of AWS cloud. Not only are there 5 local zones, 12 wavelength zones, 97 direct-connect sites, 12 regional edge caches, and 210+ edge sites, but they also have more than twice as many regions as their nearest competitors. There's assurance that AWS's cloud is there domestically and globally for expansion or stable operation in any location. It thus promotes a genuinely global presence and helps to ensure reliability.

AWS certifications are achieved when one learns about AWS from training programs, hands-on challenge labs, live cloud mastery boot camps or on job experience that equips a person for the test.

Individuals who gain AWS certifications are IT professionals as they indicate and prove technical abilities and knowledge. AWS provides a wide array of certification exams for different cloud engineering, architecture, and administration categories. Currently, there are hundreds of testing centers scattered around the world, but lately test takers can opt to take any AWS certified exam in their homes.

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13 Must Know Benefits of AWS Certification

Obtaining an Amazon Web Services (AWS) certification can offer various benefits for individuals and organizations. Here are some key advantages:

1. Staying Updated with Evolving Technology

evolving technology

With the fast-changing trend of the cloud computing world, IT professionals must always be up-to-date with what is happening in the technology sector. As one of the major cloud providers, AWS is constantly enhancing its platform by introducing new features and services. One of the primary AWS certification benefits is that the professionals are highly knowledgeable about the latest tools and methodologies related to Amazon’s cloud environment. 

2. Career Growth and Advancement

career growth

The AWS certification plays a vital role as a solid catalyst for career development. It confirms your skills and makes you a more appealing employee for the recruiters. Certified professionals with AWS have higher incomes and receive better job promotions than those without. This is evidenced by AWS certifications being well-established as a hallmark of professionalism. In fact, this can undoubtedly be one of the best-paying jobs for career changes, too.

3. Affordable Certification Options

Amazon recognizes the need for AWS certification to be available to all professionals. They offer a variety of certification tests, which come at different prices for the users according to their abilities and budgets. For instance, the entry-level AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner test is a cost-effective choice, which makes it an excellent option for individuals who want to commence their certification career without much financial commitment.

AWS has a variety of certifications, broken down into Core Certifications and Specialty Certifications. The Core is divided into three distinct areas of expertise: Architecture, Development, and Operations, provided in Foundations, Associate, and Professional streaming forms. Additionally, Specialty Certifications focus on individual IT disciplines such as Big Data, Networking, or Information Security.

Let us check out the different AWS Certifications and the respective benefits of AWS certification:



AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner

A non-technical role suits a CEO, sales manager, or marketing staff, and the certification is entirely independent. The exam costs $100.

AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate

Specializing in the AWS platform suits everyone from rookie cloud engineers up. The exam costs $150.

AWS Certified Developer – Associate

Aimed at designing, deploying, or operating AWS applications - Candidates should ideally know a high-level programming language. The exam costs $150.

AWS Certified SysOps Administrator – Associate

For those skilled in running, expanding, migrating, or managing AWS systems. The exam costs $150.

AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Professional

An advanced certification focused on systems that spread environmental costs with AWS. Requires an AWS Solutions Architect Associate certificate and relevant experience. The exam costs $300.

AWS Certified DevOps Engineer – Professional

You must have either AWS Certified Developer or AWS Certified SysOps Administrator Associate certification and two years of relevant experience. The exam costs $300.

AWS Certified Security – Specialty

This material covers data classification, encryption methods, and secure internet protocols. You need at least five years of experience in IT security to take the exam. The exam costs $300.

AWS Certified Big Data – Specialty

Candidates must have at least one of AWS's associate certifications and as many as five years of experience in data analytics. The exam costs $300.

AWS Certified Advanced Networking – Specialty

For those with skills in designing and deploying AWS as part of a hybrid IT network architecture. You must have at least one AWS Associate certification and five years of relevant experience. The exam costs $300.

AWS Certified Machine Learning – Specialty

This certification is intended for individuals seeking a data scientist role whose study is designing and implementing ML solutions. The exam costs $300.

AWS Certified Alexa Skill Builder – Specialty

Suitable for those interested in developing, managing, and deploying Amazon Alexa skills. Requires proficiency in at least one programming language and a minimum of six months of hands-on experience building Alexa skills. The exam costs $300.

4. Enhanced Problem-Solving Skills

Certifications offered by AWS deal with theoretical knowledge and practical skills, which is regarded as one of the significant AWS benefits. The practical learning achieved during AWS certification training online ensures that professionals develop strong problem-solving skills. This skill set is priceless in the technology sector, where solving complex problems comes with innovative approaches.

5. Innovation and Experimentation

Innovation and experimentals

Embracing innovation and experimentation, AWS offers a solid ecosystem of fully functionalized services and tools. Certified professionals generally feel the need to test and discover AWS services; as a result, they come up with creative ideas. This innovative culture aligns with the AWS mission to aid organizations in innovating quickly and intelligently.

6. Access to AWS Tools and Services

Aws Tools

AWS provides many tools and services to ensure scalable cloud computing and digital transformation. All these include training materials, practice exams, and so on. This is extremely important because it helps you expand your insight into the AWS community regarding its peculiarities and trends that are regularly explored or appear suddenly.

7. An Opportunity to Work With Large Companies

Opportunity to work

Some of the world’s most well-known and large companies rely on AWS, as the benefits of AWS cloud are just so immense! The AWS certification could give access to working with such best firms as potential employees or connections. The AWS technology is used by companies operating in different sectors, such as finance, healthcare, and entertainment, with certified professionals in high demand to manage these complex structures.

8. Increased Earning Potential

Professionals certified by AWS usually receive significant pay hikes without quitting their jobs. Salaries in the cloud field have been increasing due to the high demand for AWS-related skills. Cadres are willing to pay a premium for persons capable of designing, deploying, and administering AWS-based solutions, which makes the AWS certification an acceptable value library investment from a professional, highest-quality perspective.

Earning scope

9. Validation of Industry Expertise

AWS certification proves your credentials as an industry expert and cloud computing knowledge. It assures both individuals and employers of your capabilities. It’s a necessary element in an industry with so many technology changes, and employers must ensure that their teams can deal with these complex cloud environments correctly. To match up to the level of companies, a learner can always refer to the best books for cloud computing.

This validation is essential in an industry where technology constantly evolves, and employers need assurance that their teams can handle complex cloud environments effectively.

10. Networking and Collaboration within the AWS Community

Networking and collaboration

Among the most popular AWS benefits is that certification holders can access the fantastic supportive ecosystem that comprises the worldwide community of AWS professionals. This community provides networking, knowledge sharing, and collaboration. Collaborating with peers representing a shared interest in AWS can yield intrinsic perceptions, alliances, and employment opportunities.

11. Diverse Paths for Certification

AWS understands that professionals have different career objectives and aspirations. This is why they provide different certification paths so people can specialize in areas related to their skills and goals. Whether you are keen on cloud architecture, security, machine learning, or other fields, AWS has certifications supporting your pursuit of the desired career. AWS's benefits will always surround you no matter what stage of your career you are in.

12. Support for Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurs and startup founders can benefit significantly from AWS certifications. Being cloud-certified is one of the significant AWS benefits to startups as they use the technology to scale fast and innovate quickly. AWS support goes beyond mere certification since they offer programs alongside credits and other resources to allow startups to succeed in their entrepreneurial endeavors.

According to a 2022 HG Insights study, AWS's focus aligns with the company’s public statements about its strategy of “getting in early” with new companies in a bid to expand their usage as the startups’ needs grow. These efforts are paying off: The fastest-growing sector is the start-ups and SMBs, which have a 42.2% YoY growth in the AWS customer base.

13. Advantage for Employers Also

AWS certification isn’t only good for people and benefits employers. AWS-certified personnel ensure efficiency, as certified specialists have the skills to develop, implement, and operate solutions based on Amazon’s cloud services. In addition, it fosters creativity within organizations, thereby boosting business growth and competitive advantage.

AWS helps businesses reduce IT costs by up to 72%, showcasing the tangible benefits of AWS adoption for employers (source: IDC White Paper)

Essential Tips To Prepare For AWS Certification

Preparing for an AWS certification requires a structured approach and dedication. Here are some essential tips to help you

1. Define Your Goal:

Identify which AWS certification you are interested in pursuing based on your role and the path of the profession. Whether it is a Solutions Architect, Developer, SysOps Administrator, or others, having a target will help you build your study map. Understand your current expertise and future career goals so you can choose the correct AWS certification training path accordingly. 

2. Understand Exam Requirements:

You must carefully go through the overall exam guide, along with the outline, duration, etc. Get yourself comfortable with the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Exam Guide, or rather the very certification guide that you are aiming for.

Exam avaliablity

3. Choosing the Right Resources For Study:

It’s important to study, but having access to suitable study materials is essential to extract the full benefits of AWS syllabus. You can begin with free AWS study resources, including official AWS whitepapers, AWS documentation, etc. When going to the paid options, make sure that you opt for reputable institutions that can provide you with structured content and exam-oriented preparation. Look at the course offered by JanBask Training:

benefits of leaning aws

4. Developing a Structured Study Plan:

Now that you can access suitable study material, just don’t hop in immediately! Make a structured schedule or timetable with which you want to execute your online AWS training for certification. Segment your extensive course into multiple achievable sections bounded by the timeframe you desire to complete. Also, remember, as we said, there are different AWS certifications for IT professionals, so structure it accordingly.

5. Hands-On Practice:

The AWS Certification focuses on practical aspects, making it necessary for you to attain real-world exposure to AWS services. Right from installing to managing the different aspects of it: RDS, S3, EC2. You can start with the free version (new users) of AWS to practice your skills. Apart from this, you can also try out AWS Labs or similar simulated environments.

aws project ideas

6. Joining Study Groups & Forums:

Apart from the theoretical knowledge and practical skills, it’s always great to be part of a community, as you get exposed to a variety of insights and benefit of AWS certification that you wouldn’t have found otherwise. Also, having a community alongside you shall keep you psychologically motivated and help maintain a consistent study schedule.

Opting for AWS certification from JanBask Training would be advantageous due to its features that help learning and career-building. JanBask offers live classes that are instructor-led and conducted by industry-renowned professionals, thereby making the learning process better. 

We emphasize students' practical knowledge and readiness for certification exams, providing them with tools like question banks and even eBooks. Apart from that, offering career guidance, resume assistance, and maintaining a dynamic curriculum. Our programs run for about four to six weeks, and they also offer demonstration classes. 

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Getting the AWS certification can open new doors for your career in cloud computing. It doesn't only prove your competence, but it also provides you with a new world of possibilities. The benefits of AWS cloud certification are obvious, starting from higher income potential and employment opportunities to better abilities and industry recognition. 

If you are an emerging professional or a veteran expert, getting AWS certification is a smart investment that will accelerate your career to success. Thankfully, you don’t have to look for the right course, as JanBask Training offers you AWS certification training online with many perks! So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get going! 


Q1. What are the main benefits of AWS certification? 

Ans: AWS certification provides various perks such as, but not limited to:

  • Career advancement: AWS certifications can help you land many cloud-related jobs, move up into more senior roles in the cloud architect/engineer roles, or transition into the world of cloud computing from another field. Certifications make you more hireable.
  • Higher salaries: Certified AWS professionals often command much higher salaries than those without the certification.
  • Cloud skills: Preparing for the certification helps you gain in-depth knowledge of AWS services and best practices for the cloud. This translates to real job skills.
  • Validation of abilities: Passing an exam demonstrates your cloud capabilities to the employers. This Certification shows you can design, build, operate, and optimize their AWS infrastructure.
  • Fulfilling prerequisites: Some job listings and contracts require an AWS certification. It can make you eligible for many cloud roles you might otherwise not qualify for.
  • Expanding Cloud knowledge: Preparing for a certification pushes you to expand your AWS knowledge into many services and aspects you may not use regularly. This makes you a broader cloud expert.
  • Professional development: Many see certifications as a way to invest in themselves and advance their skills at different levels.
  • Competitive Advantage: One of the most significant benefits of AWS certification is that it gives an individual a competitive advantage in the job market, where employers value skills and knowledge in cloud computing. It gives room to participate in exciting projects and cooperate with world leaders.

Q2. I come from a non-technical background. Will online AWS training be of any help?

Ans: Absolutely! The AWS Certification course certification is not just for technocrats. Most online AWS courses are designed for beginners and don't require any prior technical knowledge. The instructors usually explain the concepts from the ground up using easy-to-understand language. It's a certification that helps individuals in different fields. The curriculum is structured to progress logically from the basic to advanced concepts. This incremental approach works very well for getting non-technical people up-skilled.

Q3. What will you learn in the online AWS training course?

Ans: JanBask Training offers many AWS Certification training courses, including:

  1. AWS SysOps Online Certification Training Course: Learn to build a secure cloud network in a balanced AWS SysOps training that exposes you to industry practices. 
  2. AWS Developer Training Course: Learn about IMA & Elastic Compute Cloud & AWS DB Services & Object Storage, Auto-scaling & Load Balancing & Virtual Private Cloud, Route53, and AWS Security & DevOps Fundamentals.
  3.  AWS Solutions Architect - Master: Learn about AWS architecture, Identity Access Management & S3, Amazon VPC, Ec2, AWS Route 53, DynamoDB, and more.

As more individuals recognize the AWS benefits, the demand for such courses will keep increasing. 

Q4. Does AWS training course certification mean higher salaries?

Ans: Indeed, becoming certified opens your door to financial AWS benefits success. According to reports by industry, AWS certified professionals earn a lot more than non-certified professionals. AWS-certified professionals face increased demand, so top companies offer competitive pay packages, including, but not limited to, Apple, Google, Microsoft, etc. As time goes by, you can expect the benefits of AWS cloud to increase, ultimately leading to a rise in salaries.

Q5. Besides career development and financial gains, are there more benefits of AWS Cloud-certified status? 

Ans: Absolutely! The certification to AWS offers accessibility to an entire network of professionals, such as individuals who are certified, experts, and its partners. This community provides lifelong learning opportunities, networking programs, and tools to keep up with the latest trends and developments in cloud computing. Furthermore, AWS benefits of Certification include unique job boards and discounts on AWS services.


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