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Salary Structure of Big Data Hadoop Developer & Administrator


Looking for hadoop developers jobs? Want to explore big data Hadoop salary for different Hadoop profiles? If yes, then you have landed to the right destination, in this we are going to help you with- Hadoop developers jobs, roles & responsibilities, their salary, required certifications and much more. So hold your seats tight and stay tuned...

Are  you looking for a highly paid, richly rewarded career, then Hadoop is the big data technology to master now. With growing dependency on data organizations struggling to manage, organize and make sense of their big data, and that’s the reason Hadoop jobs  opportunities are soaring with premium pay packages for competent big data professionals.

Salary Structure of Big Data Hadoop

According to Forbes, the Worldwide Big Data and Hadoop jobs market is projected to reach $103B in 2027, attaining a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 10.48% according to Wikibon. 

What is Big Data Hadoop?

Big Data is a term which is utilized for extremely large sets of data that can be sorted computationally to uncover examples, patterns, and affiliations, particularly identifying with human conduct and communications.

It Is a Term That Portrays the Extensive Volume of Information – both organized and unorganized that concerns a business on an everyday premise. However, it's not the measure of information that is essential. It's what associations do with the information that they have. Big Data can be examined for bits of knowledge that prompt better choices and key business moves. Hadoop is an excellent platform that provides an open-source software construction used for disseminated storage and dispensation of datasets of the Big Data using the MapReduce encoding model.

It is the era of Big Data and Hadoop and incalculable experts have made it their fantasy profession. All things considered, who wouldn't like to be a piece of the most happening thing in the IT area. We have been accepting such huge numbers of questions in regards to hadoop developers jobs and the openings for work in Hadoop and individuals, by and large, are extremely inquisitive in the matter of what this job profile brings in with it. Keeping in mind the end goal to disperse out any questions and to clear up every one of your questions, we have grouped the following information for you-

Skills Required to Become a Hadoop Developer & Get Paid Highest Big Data Hadoop Salary

In order to become a successful Hadoop developer with lucrative big data hadoop salary, here are a few pre-required skills that you need to pick up and they are

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  • Good information in back-end programming, particularly Java, JS, Node.js and OOAD
  • Writing elite, dependable and viable code.
  • Ability to compose MapReduce employment.
  • Good information on database structures, hypotheses, standards, and practices.
  • Ability to compose Pig Latin contents.
  • Practical experience involved in HiveQL.
  • Familiarity with information stacking instruments like Flume, Sqoop.
  • Knowledge of work processes/schedulers like Oozie.
  • Analytical and critical thinking abilities, connected to Big Data space
  • Proven understanding of Hadoop, HBase, Hive, Pig, and HBase.
  • Good fitness in multithreading and simultaneous ideas.

Skills Required

Roles and Responsibilities of Big Data Hadoop Developer and Admin

A Hadoop Developer has numerous obligations to fulfil. What's more is that the activity obligations are reliant on your domain/sector, where some of them would be appropriate and some may not be. The accompanying things are a few chores a Hadoop Developer is in charge of:

  • Hadoop advancement and execution.
  • Loading from dissimilar data indexes.
  • Pre-processing of ways to utilizing Hive and Pig.
  • Designing, building, introducing, arranging and supporting Hadoop.
  • Translate complex utilitarian and specialized necessities into an itemized plan.
  • Perform examination of huge data sets and reveal bits of knowledge to supplement business.
  • Maintain security and data protection.
  • Create adaptable and elite web administrations for information following.
  • High-speed querying.
  • Managing and conveying HBase.
  • Being a part of a POC effort to help assemble new Hadoop bunches.
  • Test models and direct handover to operational groups.
  • Propose best practices/gauges.

Hadoop is a very fulfilling and lucrative profession with a lot of developmental openings. But before applying for hadoop jobs it's better for you to have relevant certification if you are expecting a rich big data hadoop salary .

Big Data Hadoop Developers Certification

Big Data Hadoop developer certification is an instructional class that gives you a chance to ace the ideas and framework of the popular Hadoop system and it sets you up for Cloudera's CCA175, the most popular Big Data certification.

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This course encourages you to ace constant information handling utilizing apparatuses like Spark, including the capacity to learn practical programming in Spark alongside actualizing Spark and Hadoop applications and understanding, comparative preparation in Spark, and furthermore utilizing Spark and Hadoop RDD advancement strategies. With the assistance of this huge information course, you will also get the chance to find out about the different imparting calculations in Spark, Hadoop and other platforms and have the capacity to utilize Hadoop SQL for changing, making, and questioning the information frames.

As an integral part of the Big Data Hadoop course, the individual is by and large required to execute some genuine real-life, industry-based activities and assignments finished utilizing CloudLab in the dominions of sectors like managing an account, database, management, online networking stages, protection, media transmission, and internet business and e-commerce sites.

This course should be taken up by the data analytics, architects, software developers, project managers, data management enthusiasts, Hadoop admin etc.

Focal points of Big Data Hadoop Developer Certification

Once you take up the certification with Hadoop developer certification it will help you target high paid Hadoop jobs

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  • You turn into a shining star at understanding Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) and YARN engineering, and furthermore,you also learn as to how to function around utilizing them for capacity and asset administration.
  • You get the opportunity to comprehend MapReduce alongside its qualities and can coordinate numerous progressive MapReduce ideas.
  • You figure out how to coordinate and assimilate information by utilizing instruments like Sqoop and Flume also along with Hadoop.
  • You are capable of making databases and tables in devices like Hive and Impala, can comprehend HBase, and figure out how to utilize Hive and Impala for partitioning purposes.
  • You build up a capacity to comprehend different sorts of account configurations, for example, Avro Schema, utilize Avro with Hive, and furthermore Sqoop and Schema advancement.
  • You will pick up on practical working of the instrument called Pig alongside its various constituents.
  • You figure out how to do practical programming in Hadoop environment, and in addition, execute and construct the Spark applications
  • You understand irrepressible diffusing datasets (RDD) in much detail.

Big Data Hadoop Developer and Admin Salaries

Your next agenda is to determine-

What is Hadoop developer salary in usa?

What is Hadoop administrator salary?

What is Hadoop engineer salary?

How much a junior hadoop developer  or an entry level hadoop developer can make?

Well, the average remuneration for a professional with a profile of "Big Data Hadoop admin" ranges from approximately $91,248 per year and for the profile of Developer to $122,690 per year as per the latest statistics.

Salary information is retrieved from 317,427 data points composed directly from employees, users, and their past and present job advertisements posted on the internet in the past 24 months.

Government analysts have predicted that the demand for Big Data Skills would grow to 1.5 million jobs by 2018 and the global Hadoop market is expected to reach $99.31 by the year 2022.

According to Ziprecruiter, the average annual pay for a Big Data Hadoop Developer in the United States is $125,013 a year.The majority of Big Data Hadoop Developer salary in USA currently ranges between $107,000 to $140,000 with top earners making $166,500 annually. 

Here are the Average Big Data Hadoop Salaries for Hadoop Professionals

  • Hadoop Developer Salary: $107,000 to $140,000/year
  • Hadoop Administrator Salary:$100,669 to $151,250/year
  • Hadoop Engineer Salary :$79,979 to $140,941/year
  • Hadoop entry level jobs salary: $102,375 to $140,398/ year

Career Outlook: Hadoop Jobs In United States

According to statistics, there are around 6000+ Hadoop jobs postings in the world. Over 60% of the Hadoop jobs are in the USA and out of every 100 listed jobs, at least 50 positions are vacant . Considering the different skill sets required to take up the job, it also included Hadoop entry level jobs. Analysing the common trend of Hadoop jobs postings in the US, Hadoop developer salary in USA averages around $110,000 which is 95% higher than the average salaries for all other job postings nationwide. Similarly, Hadoop administrator salary is among the highest  salary packages  averaging around $123,000.

Final Thoughts On Big Data Hadoop Salary

Big Data Hadoop Developer and Admin roles seem to be a very promising start to your career or even a switch to them are quite good for you. You can get the maximum out of your career now that you know about the roles and responsibilities, the certification and its advantages, the salaries expected from this profile etc. The world of Big Data is expanding and there is a huge demand for the right candidates to take up this challenging profile.

Hope this Big Data Hadoop Salary based post helps you get to know about Hadoop jobs, what all skills and certification you need before applying  for Hadoop developers jobs and how much you can make as an entry level Hadoop developer.

Did we forget anything or you want to add anything regarding big data hadoop salary  or hadoop jobs, feel free to comment below!

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